Review: When I'm With You
WHEN I'M WITH YOU - Donna Hill
Harlequin Kimani Romance

June 2018
Category Romance
REVIEW: Fans of the Lawsons of Louisiana Series waited a long time for the story of the family’s bad boy, Raford “Rafe” Lawson. If you recall, at the end of SURRENDER TO ME, the prequel, Rafe and his new-found love, Secret Service agent Avery Richards, fall in love and are looking forward to a life together. Also, in that story, we become privy to Rafe’s surprising backstory that is instrumental in explaining his wild, “living on the edge” lifestyle. WHEN I’M WITH YOU, the sequel, continues Rafe and Avery’s romance with another surprising revelation that will rock their world.

There’s going to be a wedding, and all is right in the life of Rafe Lawson. As they say in N’awlins, “Laissez les bons temps rouler”. Avery is recovering from that Paris explosion that nearly took her life, and she’s looking forward to returning to duty with the Secret Service. However, just when you think the biggest problem is Avery trying to stop the Lawson sisters from taking over her wedding plans, author Donna Hill throws a plot twist in the storyline that makes you say, “Jesus take the wheel”. There’s a character from Rafe’s past who makes an untimely appearance. No spoilers, but it’s major. In addition to this, in spite of what Avery claims, she is struggling with post-explosion trauma, and unwanted notoriety that threatens her position at the Agency. The question is how will Rafe and Avery handle these setbacks to their future together.

Of course, the minor characters include the Lawson family and their spouses who provide much needed support for Rafe. Avery has her best friend, Kerry to use as a sounding board. There are two minor characters who stand out. One is the character who abruptly reappears from Rafe’s past, and the second one is Rafe’s father. If you recall, Rafe and his father have a long-standing adversarial relationship. However, something happens to change that. I’m going to leave that right here and allow you to discover the prominent roles played by these two minor characters.

WHEN I’M WITH YOU is a good read. I am so glad that author Donna Hill saved the best Lawson sibling for the last book of the series. Rafe’s story was well worth the wait, and I recommend it

1st June 2018 |