Review: Vindicated
VINDICATED - Sharon C. Cooper
Ameris Publishing

May 2018
Romantic Supense
REVIEWER:  Barbara Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: I liked this story from the first page. The heroine, Dakota Sherrod, is a stuntwoman, an adrenaline junkie, and an “Alpha” female which makes her a little different from the usual Romance heroines. She meets her match in Hamilton “Ham” Crosby, a managing partner at Supreme Security Agency-Atlanta, and ex Atlanta policeman, and an Alpha hero. In this story, the heroine takes the lead in pursuing a relationship with the hero. Dakota is definitely a strong woman who goes after what she wants. Ham is no pushover; just a little reluctant for reasons that I’ll let you discover.

The proverbial ‘crap hits the fan’ when Ham discovers that Dakota’s father, Wesley Bradford, prominent Atlanta attorney, is responsible for Hamilton losing his job as a member of the Atlanta Police Department. It is not a congenial meeting, and Dakota finds herself caught in the middle of a longstanding feud between the two men. It is also apparent that Hamilton is not the only person who dislikes Bradford, so after receiving threatening notes, Wesley seeks the services of Ham’s security firm. Since Dakota and her father do not have the best father-daughter relationship, she is not deterred in her pursuit of Ham in spite of Wesley warning her to stay away from Hamilton. A tragic drive-by shooting at Dakota’s apartment that could have ended badly for her, affirms for Ham that Dakota is in need of his protection. It is during this time that their journey together begins as they open up to each other. The heart and soul of this story not only revolves around the romance between Ham and Dakota, but also the vindication theme that takes center stage because of what happened between Wesley and Hamilton when Hamilton was a policeman. In addition to that, Wesley is also the focus of a mystery person who has it in for him from a past wrong. It is this threat that puts Dakota in the direct line of danger.

There are some very intriguing elements to this story that involve not only Dakota’s father, but also her best friend Tymico. Since this is the first book of this series, we are introduced to some minor characters that help the storyline move along, and no doubt some who will appear in other books of the series. There is the security team from Ham’s security agency, members of his family, and Ham’s personable young son, Dominic, by his ex-fiancé.

VINDICATED is a compelling romance that is adeptly laced with suspense. It has a wonderful HEA, along with a surprising “who dunnit” ending. I liked this story, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure

10th May 2018 |