Review: United By Their Royal Baby
Harlequin Romance

January 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: B
REVIEW: I like the concept of this book. Two young royal leaders of African countries resolve past differences to come together in order to save their countries and the alliances they have formed. The reader is transported to Africa with the  islands of Aidara and Mattan serving as the beautiful backdrop for this story. The theme of love vs. duty is explored between the heroine, Queen Leyna of Aidara and the hero, King Xavier of Mattan.

Queen Leyna and King Xavier are lifelong friends, and they are at a crossroads as far as their future together and the future of their kingdoms. There are multiple issues that Leyna and Xavier must deal with. First, there is their relationship that needs repairing in order to save an alliance between their countries and another country. That brings us to the third monarch involved in this alliance, Zacchaeus. His role is pivotal because it leads to critical decisions that Leyna and Xavier make concerning the future of their kingdoms. Without divulging any spoilers, let me just say that as rulers, the heroine and hero find themselves in a position that has to be practical (duty), yet involves matters of the heart (love). As I said earlier, the concept is appealing, but there is something missing.

UNITED BY THEIR ROYAL BABY has two well-developed protagonists with credible backstories that explain their current positions. The story also has minor characters who help to support the storyline. The setting is appealing and appropriate. There is even a satisfying HEA at the end. Yet, overall what this story lacks is passion; that je ne sais quoi that makes a story of this genre romantic, dramatic, and climatic. The heroine and hero’s decisions about their future are too cut and dry; even to the point of having a child together. It was not very “romantic”.

Although I would have preferred seeing more attention paid to love rather than duty, I recommend
UNITED BY THEIR ROYAL BABY. It presents an interesting view of a contemporary African Monarchy.

21 March 2018 |