Review: Undeniable Attraction
Harlequin Kimani Romance

July 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Leslie Whitfield | RATING: B
REVIEW: The leading man in UNDENIABLE ATTRACTION, Burkes of Sheridan Falls, Book #1, Aaron Burke is not only from a wealthy family in the small town of Sheridan Falls but he is also a former international soccer star. Aaron has not seen our leading lady Melissa Conwell, his ex-girlfriend in almost twelve years. Melissa and Aaron are members of a wedding party, Melissa’s cousin Tasha is marrying Aaron’s cousin Ryan.  Melissa and Aaron are paired together for the wedding and are engaged in a few conversations in which she rebuffs his advances due to their breakup almost twelve years ago. Aaron does not give up on trying to win Melissa’s affections and continues to pursue her because although her mouth says no, her body language when they are together is telling him the opposite of what she is verbalizing.

The characters are believable and relatable from Tasha’s meltdown at the bridal boutique to Aaron’s mother greeting Melissa at the welcome dinner after not seeing her in years. The youth at the group home in New Jersey where Melissa worked fit in well and their interaction with Aaron is natural.

The descriptions of all the scenes were great: the bridal shop, the bar, the party bus, Aaron’s parent’s home during the welcome dinner, the hospital and the first page of the book; I was there in the car with Melissa as her “hands tightened on the steering wheel.”

I enjoyed reading
UNDENIABLE ATTRACTION, although, I was waiting for another scene between Melissa and Ella, after she found out that Ella had lied to her. When Melissa’s sister Arlene’s ex-husband Craig left the hospital, I thought he might show up in another scene causing problems. We would probably see more of him if Arlene gets a book.

UNDENIABLE ATTRACTION is a good story that peeked my interest in the supporting characters. I would like to see if Melissa’s sister ends up with one of the Burke men. While this book did not drag by switching scenes and by making those scenes interesting, it did not make me want to stay up all night to see what would happen next.

27th July 2018 |