Review: Touched By You
TOUCHED BY YOU - Elle Wright
Kensington Dafina Romance

June 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: TOUCHED BY YOU is a touching story that presents two people who overcome adverse situations to achieve an HEA that will touch your heart.  The story is set in the fictional town of Wellspring, Michigan. The Wells family, powerful founding members of the town and the number one industry, Wellspring Water, a world-wide multibillion dollar enterprise. The female protagonist, Brooklyn Wells, is a member of this family, and she and the male protagonist, Carter Marshall, a Detroit native, meet while he is temporarily living in Wellspring negotiating a contract with the company.

When we meet Carter in the first chapter, he is a defeated man. He has gone through a tumultuous period in his life, and he is trying to recover and get back to a semblance of his old self. Elle Wright does an admirable job in allowing the reader to feel this character’s angst and anxiety. He is damaged goods, and it’s understandable. When Carter meets Brooklyn, he meets his mate. Brooklyn’s life is in such turmoil that she is always in a combative state, especially with her father, Parker Wells, Sr. who insists on being addressed as ‘Senior’.  As a matter of fact, when Brooklyn and Carter first meet, she is literally running away from her father. Senior’s attitude, antics and animosity toward Brooklyn are so underhanded that he gets my vote for the villain you love to hate. Carter and Brooklyn save each other. Their love journey is engaging as well as challenging.

The minor characters include the hero and heroine’s family and friends. They take on the roles of advisors and supporters. For Brooklyn, her brother Parker Jr., and best friend, Nicole, are her lifelines. For every blow that Senior throws at Brooklyn, they are there to buffer. Carter has his mother, his sister, Aisha, his two brothers, and his best friend, Martin.  Senior has a counterpart in the character of Sterling King, whom Senior insists on Brooklyn marrying. I won’t give away the reason, but I will tell you that Carter takes care of business. Great scene!

is a well-written captivating story. Kudos to Elle Wright whose published works consistently improve. I highly recommend TOUCHED BY YOU. You can thank me later.

1st May 2018 |