Review: To Tempt A Stallion
TO TEMPT A STALLION -  Deborah Flectcher Mello
Harlequin Kimani Romance

March 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: A
REVIEW: First, let me be clear. The Stallion family is one of my favorite book families. This story features Dr. Nathaniel “Nate” Stallion and his best friend Rebecca “Bec” Marks. Author Deborah Fletcher Mello skillfully centers the story around the friends-to-lovers trope. As Nate prepares to embark on a new chapter in his life, he calls on his best friend, confidante, ride-or die, Rebecca, to help Nate fulfill his dream of owning and operating a restaurant. It goes without saying that Nate hires Bec’s firm to market and promote his restaurant. But is that all he has in mind? Does Bec see a chance to change their “just friends” status to something more permanent? Stay tuned.

TO TEMPT A STALLION we learn that a friends-to-lovers-relationship is a slippery slope. For example, Nate and Bec have been friends since their college days, and they know more things about each other than their families. However, there is one thing that Bec has kept from Nate, and she feels it’s the one thing that can make or break their relationship. Nate has his own demons to fight, and Bec is his sounding board. They are good for each other, but there’s no doubt they could be better. While our heroine and hero are trying to get in touch with their real feelings for each other, author Deborah Fletcher Mello comes through with two great characters who throw the proverbial wrench into the plans. I love both of these characters. Rebecca’s ex-fiancé, Jeffrey Baylor, and Elise Montgomery, the realtor who stakes her claim for Nate, are great minor characters who play important roles in the outcome of the story.

TO TEMPT A STALLION is an entertaining story. One of the highlights of this story is the romance that blossoms between Nate and Bec, and the way it moves from luke warm to red hot. Another great feature is the presence of the Stallion/Boudreaux clan. It’s like a family reunion. Last, but certainly not least is the confrontation between Bec, Nate and the persistent Elise as Elise makes an attempt to tempt a Stallion.  All I can say is Bec is my Shero! You’ll understand when you read the story.

I enjoyed this latest Stallion story, and I know you will too. I highly recommend it, and it can be read as a stand-alone. However, I encourage you to get to know the Stallion/Boudreaux crew through the other books in this series. They are a compelling group. In the meantime, download or pick up a copy of

18th March 2018 |