Review: The Tycoon's Socialite Bride
Entangled Press/Indulgence

August 2018
Contemporaruy Romance
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW:  Money, power, politicians, secrets, and revenge are all titillating themes making THE TYCOON’S SOCIALITE BRIDE by author Tracey Livesay a must read.

Entrepreneur Marcus Pearson made his billions through hard work and determination. Determination fueled by a desire to exact revenge against the man who years ago, cruelly damned his family to irrevocable hardship.  Now back in Washington where it all started, Marcus is ready to execute the final phase of his plan but hits a major complication. A solution presents itself in a unique and unexpected manner. He is approached by Pamela Harrington; daughter of a retired senator seeking his help with her latest passion project. Marcus seizes this opportunity to mutually further their separate objectives. However, as Marcus nears his final goal, he begins to have doubts. While Pamela is holding up her end of their agreement, Marcus seems reluctant to acquiesce on the original purpose and period of their alliance. After years of wanting revenge, Marcus is faced with the realization that something such as love is more important and is within reach with Pamela. Marcus is faced with making a choice between his lifelong mission and love.

opens with an eye catching scene that sets the pace for a plot commanding undivided attention. Pamela is a beautiful fish in a stifling and public fishbowl called Washington, DC.  She is surrounded by wealth and privileges, but is really a prisoner with little autonomy.  Marcus Pearson is gorgeous, wealthy and driven. They seem to make the perfect power couple. It is rather ironic that they have so much but are intrinsically unhappy. Marcus’ best friend, Carter Richardson, is a fascinating and the mostly likely character for a spin-off.  The other supporting characters are equally well-developed; even the villains are vivid and imaginatively created.

The story is set amongst the power players of Washington, DC where money and breeding opens closed doors. With the current interest in the goings-on in the Nation’s capital, this story is ripe for reception by an attentive audience.

The dialogue is an active and captive vehicle in moving the plot along.  From the beginning Marcus and Pamela are outspoken and frank with each other and specific experiences propel their immediate actions. Their easy communication allows a quick connection and soon they share painful secrets. Despite the unusual circumstances under which they meet, they forge a relationship that germinates into a life-changing bond.

The plot is multi-layered and sophisticated and while the outcome is not necessarily a surprise, the journey there is certainly entertaining and enjoyable. Tracey Livesay delivers a page-turner with this exciting interracial novel,

8th August 2018 (Originally posted in 2014)|