Review: The Thick of Things
REVIEW: When Khalila Skyers meets Douglas Blythe, she is going through a divorce and still dealing with the death of her son, Amir.  It is not the ideal situation, but Douglas finds her attractive and wants more than a causal relationship. Despite her caution and doubts, Khalila is drawn to the handsome mature man. He is everything that a woman wants - he’s the perfect gentleman, has a good job, is good company and…sexy as sin.

THE THICK OF THINGS is an enjoyable but complex read. I found Khalila’s journey of discovery interesting. While I applaud her for eventually finding the strength to move on, I found the journey a bit too long, especially in a work of romance fiction. I began to feel Douglas’s frustration and applauded him for waiting around.

The story is mainly set in Jamaica and this was a welcomed change for the usual US cities. The island’s rich culture is important to the story and adds a wonderful vibrancy which is appealing.

Of the secondary characters, Khalila’s best friend, Corinne, stands out. She is Khalila’s confidante and provide the emotional supports Khalila needs. She is the voice of reason and helps Khalila to face up to the reality of her life.
THE THICK OF THINGS is written in the first person and this helps me to experience the story from Khalila’s POV. For a few hours I lived in her head and while I may feel she took a bit too long to make certain decisions, I felt her pain and her growing elation at her feelings for Douglas.

THE THICK OF THINGS is a story of two mature individuals who discover love again. I have no doubt you will enjoy their story.

13th April 2018 |
Garden Avenue Press

March 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan | RATING: B+