Review: The Liaison
THE LIAISON - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing

August 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Nadia Brooks, a life coach, is the last member of the Book Club to exchange her book bae for a real bae. If you have been following this series, then you know exactly what that means. Grayling, Michigan, where excellence lives, is the setting for the final installment of the Book Club Series. Nadia’s story is my favorite. Her brash, outspoken, “keep it one-hundred” personality is just what the cool, “handle his business”, Simeon Pruitt likes. Simeon heads the research team who goes to Grayling to study this amazing small town. I love Nadia and Simeon, and how they navigate their way to a happily-ever-after.

Even though Nadia and Simeon are opposites as far as their personalities are concerned, they are ‘just right’ for each other. You’ll get that when you read the story. As Nadia reveals the Book Club pact, the meaning of “catch the wave”, and living her fairytale, Simeon has to show Nadia that when it comes to her other two liaisons, he is her Prince Charming. The
Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairytale fits Nadia and Simeon’s situation perfectly. This story is romantic, comical, and at the same time promotes the positive aspects of an all-black progressive small town. The connection to other books from other series by author D Camille is priceless! I hope that you are familiar with previous books/series by the author. If not, then some references will completely go over your head. For example, there is a very sensuous, jaw-dropping scene where Nadia does some sexy moves on the pole when she and Simeon go out to a club. Well, Nadia mentions her Book Bae who also has a pole in his house which prompted her to take lessons. If you are familiar with the “conscious romantic suspense” that Nadia refers to, then you know exactly who her Book Bae is. If not, shame on you!

Speaking of connections, there is a robust cast of characters who appear in this book. Nadia’s two suitors, the mild-mannered Gilbert Bagley III, and the wild man, Jerrell Thompson are certainly worth a shout out. There is also a connection with other characters from
The Black Land Series, The Sable Inn Series, and of course, the two previous books of this series. However, the “Standout Character Award” goes to Simeon’s mother, Valerie. She is described as “a goddess of truth”, and Nadia is her #1 admirer.

The HEA is wonderful, and you will be delighted with the hints of what is to come. No spoilers! I absolutely enjoyed Nadia’s story. I highly recommend
THE LIAISON, but in order to fully appreciate this story and its creativity, I strongly suggest that you read the three-book series in order: THE COURTSHIP, THE ENCHANTMENT, THE LIAISON. You can thank me later.

23rd August 2018 |