Review: The Enchantment
Sable SiStars Publishing

July 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Thanks to author, D Camille, Grayling, Michigan has become one of my all time favorite fictional small towns because “It’s A Place Where Excellence Lives”. It is also the perfect setting for the second installment of The Book Club Series. City Manager, Debra Powell is set up to be enchanted by restaurant mogul, Darius Morgan. THE ENCHANTMENT is so much more than a contemporary romance story. It incorporates passion, family values, romance, comedy, and black excellence throughout the storyline.

Debra Powell, the heroine, is not only a member of the infamous Book Club, but she also serves as City Manager of Grayling. As city manager, it is her job to see to it that the constituents of Grayling receive top notch service, and well-maintained institutions and landmarks. The town’s restaurant is one such landmark that has been bought by Morgan Industries, a Black-owned restaurant empire, and is in danger of becoming a chain restaurant. Enters Darius Morgan, grandson of the head of the Morgan conglomerate, to accept the challenge of spearheading the Grayling restaurant renovation to leave it as a independent facility instead of one of the Morgan franchises. That’s just one facet of the storyline. Darius also faces a challenge that will affect his status in the company, and a challenge to his present status as a bachelor. In the meantime, Debra is waiting for her “Book Bae” to “catch the wave”. What does all that mean? No spoilers here; but let me say that Darius and Debra are very busy as they take care of Grayling business and take care of each other.  It’s a captivating story.

Author D Camille is known for creating unforgettable characters, and this story has its share. Debra’s Uncle Roscoe is one example of an old ‘playa’ who has played out. Hard working Miss Jackie from the restaurant, Wily Willie from the Sable Inn, Naughty Nadia from the Book Club, and of course, Darius’ romantic Grandfather Claude are more examples of side characters who are vital to the storyline. I loved Claude’s backstory that led to the naming of the Restaurant and an unexpected link to Miss Jackie.

The “fairytale” connection is still in effect, as Debra and Darius both pass their respective tests. You’ll get that when you read the story. The enchantment between Darius and Debra leads to a heartwarming and gratifying HEA that the citizens of Grayling not only witness but participate in.

THE ENCHANTMENT is an entertaining, delightful and unique story that will draw you in from the first page, especially if you are familiar with the Sable Inn Series' stories and THE COURTSHIP, the first story of The Book Club Series. If you are not familiar with these books, I strongly recommend them. Trust me; you will not be sorry.

19th July 2018 |