Review: The Courtship
Sable SiStars Publishing

June 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: I looked forward to this summer romance series because the stories are set in Grayling, Michigan where the citizens are like one big family, and there is always romance in the air. THE COURTSHIP features Tiffany Hawkins, an entrepreneur who specializes in hair care products and a member of the Book Club, and Max Nelson, a successful organic farmer and a single father of two charming and exceptionally smart daughters. The Book Club is a staple of Grayling composed of four ladies, Lana, Tiffany, Nadia and Debra. While Lana’s story is told in KINDRED SOULS, the remaining three members will have their stories told in the Book Club Series. Tiffany’s is first, and it is as sweet as her personality.

Tiffany and Max are in love. Their story recounts their courtship, and how certain citizens of Grayling aided in helping them to achieve their HEA. Tiffany’s mate is the no nonsense, sometimes abrupt Max Nelson, brilliant scientist and organic farmer. Max’s courtship of Tiffany is a romance reader’s dream. Evan though, Max has some personal issues to work out that are messing with his heart and head, he is determined that his daughters, Summer and Wynter will have their wish for a mommy and a baby brother. The Book Club ladies are the initiators of ‘Team Tiffany and Max’ because they truly believe that when Tiffany gets her man, theirs won’t be far behind. But wait, someone in Grayling is not trying to see this match. There’s always one. I am going to leave that right here, and allow you to discover who it is who dares to try to come between Tiffany and Max. As one character says about Max, “That ain’t no bark…that’s all bite.”

You can count on D Camille to promote Black Love, Black people and Black empowerment in her books.
THE COURTSHIP encompasses positive messages which enhance the storyline. Another element that enhances the storyline is the unforgettable side characters who populate the story. From Max’s two adorable daughters to the instigating antics of Willie, the night manager at the Sable Inn. Speaking of the Sable Inn, it’s good catching up with the Sable sisters who are now married and their father Lloyd who is married to Lavender (The Black Diamonds Series). The “Best New Character” award goes to Ricky, Tiffany’s brother to whom Max issues some needed tough love. The “Boo and Hiss” award goes to the dastardly Dr. Gallant and his sidekick, Ron. You will discover why when you read the story.

I enjoyed this story tremendously! It’s a great summer read, and I highly recommend it. I hope you are acquainted with the
Sable Inn Series, because there is definitely a meaningful connection to this series that you will appreciate at every turn of the page.

A Side Note about this series: Author D Camille has created
The Book Club Series based loosely on 3 fairy tales. See if you can figure out the fairy tale connected to THE COURTSHIP, D Camille style. Enjoy!

25th June 2018 |