Review: The Breakup Plan
Tia With A Pen Publishing

September 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Author Tia Kelly flips the trope script with this story. Instead of the standard ‘enemies to friends’ theme, she cleverly highlights her protagonists in a ‘best friends to enemies’ romance. Andrew (Drew) Wilkerson operates a mega sports and entertainment agency with the expertise and superior organizational skills of his assistant and best friend, Avery Coleman. Drew and Avery have a somewhat symbiotic relationship that works for them on a personal and business level. Well, it works until Avery announces her plans to marry and travel with her future husband to Haiti on a mission trip and then Paris for three years. That’s not going to work for Drew, and he has no qualms about voicing his disapproval. He definitely takes Avery’s announcement personally, and what is more, he is offended that she is considering leaving him after fifteen years. They are indeed the best of friends who share everything from keys to their residences to secrets that only they are privy to. When it finally hits Drew that he is really losing his right hand, he admits, “I lost my damn mind.”

Avery is the yin to Drew’s yang. When the rift develops, their friendship is jeopardized, and consequently they part company.  So, what’s the plan here? We can’t have a hero and heroine going their separate ways with so many unresolved issues. What a conundrum! To be sure, Avery’s fiancé, Jonathan, plays a pivotal role in the break up of Drew and Avery. No spoilers, but when Jonathan, along with his family, show up at the Wilkerson compound, things get super uncomfortable. Drew unapologetically dislikes Jonathan, but you must read the story to understand the depth of his dislike. It’s complicated and it’s mind-blowing! There is plenty of steam, too. The scene with Drew, his girlfriend, Kendra, and her bestie, Camille is smoking.

Tia Kelly definitely has a way with words. The dialogue is spicy, humorous, and dramatic, and there is never a dull moment.  I love how she utilizes first person. It enhances the storyline because it allows the reader to discover the thoughts, feelings and experiences through the characters’ perspectives. The ‘stand-out’ side character is Jonathan, Avery’s fiancé. He is a piece of work. Another character who emerges is Kareem. I’ll leave that right there and allow you to pick up on the role he plays in Drew and Avery’s life.  It’s another staggering moment. Of course, the Wilkerson family is present. If you are a follower of Tia Kelly’s works, then you know that Drew Wilkerson is the youngest of the Wilkerson siblings. Their stories are told in The Wilkersons Legacy Series.

It is safe to say that you can read
THE BREAKUP PLAN as a stand-alone, but I always recommend that you read the books in the series in order to grasp the importance of backstories, character connections and those nuances that tie the books together.

I enjoyed this engaging and entertaining story. Tia Kelly tells a good story. The HEA is quite gratifying. I recommend
THE BREAKUP PLAN, and the other books that feature this eclectic fictional family. Enjoy!

27th September 2018 |