Review: Tempting The Billionaire
Harlequin Kimani Romance

October 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Chance Castillo and Ngozi Johns are godfather and godmother to mutual friends’ baby girl. They meet at the baby’s christening for the first time. Their instant attraction jolted both of them and made their bodies tingle with excitement.  Neither one has ever had such an instantaneous and powerful reaction to another. Ngozi tries to resist the attraction but Chance is relentless in his pursuit. Of course, the inevitable happens and they have an affair…with no strings attached no less. Either one is looking for anything permanent. Ngozi feels guilty about being happy because of past events. Chance is bitter for being left at the altar by his former fiancé and doesn’t trust easily. Both must overcome their past in order to embrace any future happiness together.

Chance is a poor kid from the Bronx who grew up and became a self-made billionaire. These days he’s traveling the globe living the life that most dream of.  He can fly anywhere in the world and usually does on his private jet. But it’s an empty existence. Ngozi is an attorney at her father’s law firm with an excellent success rate. Her private life is non-existent. She spends her time pleasing her parents and working towards being head of the firm when the time is right. But she’s running from her past.

I enjoyed reading about Chance and Ngozi in
TEMPTING THE BILLIONAIRE. A first-rate novel with good story content. The scenes flow from one to another with no wrinkles. This story has fascinating characters that pull you in from the beginning with a great storyline. Ngozi and Chance are good together. Their instant attraction burns between the pages. Even though they come with their own baggage to the relationship, it did not deter from the everlasting love growing between them. The author did her usual superb job of creating complex characters that are likable and credible at the same time. The secondary characters bring their own secrets and desires to this page-turner. Passion Grove is definitely the place to be.

This is an excellent book. It’s the second entry into this series,
Passion Grove.  Loved reading every page of it. This is a stand-alone novel, but it is always good to catch up with the characters from the previous story, A BILLIONAIRE AFFAIR. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy and read how it all began.

12th October 2018 |