Review: Surrender
SURRENDER - Angie Daniels
Carmel Kisses Ink

December 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming  RATING: A
REVIEW: Men have controlled Peyton Powell all her life.  First her father, then her husband and now her boss turned lover. In SURRENDER (Seduced into Submission, Book #4) Peyton finally realizes she holds the power to break this vicious cycle of control … or does she?

Seduced into Submission Series chronicles the erotic adventure of a former stay at home mom who now works as a magazine columnist writing about things that spur a woman’s curiosity. The new job and membership in an “adventurous” women’s club have exposed her to a whole new world outside her dull marriage. Partially due to her own carelessness, Peyton is now being blackmailed. Her employer, Independent Woman Magazine, is seeking an onsite medical facility for its employees. Peyton’s philandering husband, Ray, who owns a medical staffing company, desperately wants the contract as it could significantly bolster the finances of their family, gain exposure for his business and help finance his extramarital exploits. Ray’s side piece/business partner is threatening to expose Peyton and Creed Kirkland’s affair if the contract isn’t awarded to them. The decision to advance his business or punish him for his indiscretions has been delegated to her by Creed and leaves her in turmoil.

Daniels expertly tackles some very delicate issues in her
Seduced into Submission Series as Peyton and Creed Kirkland grapple with the complexities of a submissive relationship and the moral consequences of infidelity. In this episode their affair is drawing more attention as they take more risks, therefore, leaving them open to scrutiny. Peyton is at a crossroads. She loves her twin daughters, but does she continue in a loveless marriage or risk losing them in a potential custody battle? She has fallen in love with Creed but is growing weary of his domineering traits and questions his empathy for her dilemma.

In addition to Peyton, Creed and Ray additional characters impacting the story include Aunt Ruth, the quintessential babysitter; Peyton’s twin daughters, Morgan and Michelle; and Ray’s girlfriend, Haley.

Once again Angie Daniels crafts a captivating account that is not for the faint at heart. It is an erotic tale that details explicit encounters between Peyton and Creed. As a master storyteller, Daniels kept me engaged on an emotional ride from beginning to end. An unexpected ending leaves the reader hanging until June when the final chapter
BOUND arrives. For fans of the erotic side of the romance genre, I highly recommend SURRENDER.

14th February 2019 |