Review: Strategic Seduction
Kengiston Dafina Romance

April 2018
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: This story opens with the protagonists, Alicia Michaels and Richmond Crawford, both seeking to start a new business venture, and a new challenge in a city open to just that. Atlanta is a perfect choice for the setting of this story. Alicia and Richmond also meet in the ATL at just the right time. Richmond needs someone to expertly market his new hotel venture, and Alicia just happens to be an expert in marketing and starting anew in Atlanta. Call it fate, coincidence or karma, but when these two meet, sparks fly, interests are piqued, and love is in the air.

Alicia and Richmond are a delightful couple. Author Cheris Hodges does an impressive job of allowing the reader to get to know these two characters and what prompts them to pull up stakes and move to Atlanta. Richmond’s back story is intriguing. However, as it happens, his past life in New York catches up with him in Atlanta. The heroine, Alicia, also has some baggage that she’s been carrying since her college days. So, not only is Atlanta the place to begin again and look to the future, but it also serves as the place to cut ties to the past. One thing for sure, Cheris Hodges is masterful at writing sensual sizzling love scenes. I have no doubt that you will enjoy Alicia and Richmond’s romantic interludes.

The minor characters play pivotal roles in the story. If you are familiar with some of the author’s other works like
RECIPE FOR DESIRE, NO OTHER LOVER WILL DO, BETTING ON LOVE, and LOVE AFTER WAR, you will recognize the main characters from those books who are now in minor roles as confidants and friends of Alicia and Richmond. Yet, the minor characters who stand out are Richmond’s Ex, Vivian and Alicia’s college nemesis, Felix. Working alone, they are forces to reckon with, but when they team together to wreck havoc on the heroine and hero, things really spiral out of control. I won’t spill the tea. You’ll see when you read the story.

I enjoyed this story. Cheris Hodges is a masterful storyteller, and her contemporary romance stories are always entertaining with a touch of intrigue. The HEA is everything! Although there are characters present from other books, you can read this easily as a stand alone. I recommend
A STRATEGIC SEDUCTION. It’s an entertaining read.

14th April 2018 |