Review: Something About You
Harlequin Kimani Romance

March 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Janet Caldwell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Anderson returns to the quaint Coleman House B&B in sleepy rural Danville, Kentucky to deliver another sweet romance. Previously, we met the owners of Coleman House, Rollin and Tayler Coleman, in WHEN I FALL IN LOVE and then Rollin’s sister Corra and husband Chris Williams in THE ONLY ONE FOR ME.  Now Anderson shares the story of Rollin and Corra’s cousin, the studious Kyla Coleman who, while staying at the B&B, is working on her PhD. Kyla is very straight-laced and linear focused but is thrown off her game when she meets former Chicago Cubs baseball player, Miles Parker.

Kyla and Miles are polar opposites. Coincidently, they share a common concern for feeding the less fortunate, however, their vision for achieving this goal is very different. Kyla is passionate about educating people about the benefits of organic food and organic farming. Miles is co-owner of a company experimenting with new approaches in farming which produce genetically modified foods. Kyla is a loner and very reserved. Miles’ flamboyant lifestyle as a professional athlete earned him the label of playboy which he hopes to change by taking a vow of celibacy. Despite this promise, he has set his sights on Kyla after being intrigued by her presentation at a conference. Their journey to realizing each is what the other needs is heartwarming.

In addition to our main characters, others contributing to the story include cousins Roland and Corra and their spouses; Myles’ brother, Brandon and his business partner Glenda; and Kyla’s sister, Tracee and her parents and brother. I observed one inconsistency in this novel. In the first installment, Anderson states Rollin was a graduate of Morehouse who returns home to run the farm after the death of his parents.  In
SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, she states Rollin and Miles attended the University of Kentucky where they played football. Despite this glitch, the third installment to the Coleman House saga is a perfect complement to the series.

I enjoy the energy of this younger generation that is breathing life into this old house. Bridget Anderson is a native of Kentucky and it is evident in the factual picture she paints of the region and its residents. Each novel is a stand-alone, but I encourage you to read all of them to capture the warm Kentucky hospitality that awaits you in the Coleman House.

1st April 2018 |