Review: Soaring on Love
Harlequin Kimani Romance

January 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: B+
What happens after a perfect engagement party comes to a halt when the heroine fiancé’s mistress crashes the party? That’s how this story begins. Tressa Washington finds herself in an embarrassing predicament when her intended husband, Cyrus Williams, is confronted by his mistress. Standing on the sidelines watching this scene unfold is Roth Lexington, the hero of this story. What a great name!

Before the party is so rudely interrupted, Roth has been ogling the lovely Tressa. Little does he know that they will end up together before the night is over. I like how the storyline unfolds from the very public breakup of Tressa and Cyrus as Tressa escapes the proverbial bullet. Roth is right there on the spot! I’ll stop right here because Tressa and Roth’s love journey is the heart and soul of this story. Like any good contemporary romance, the main characters have some issues to resolve and some changes to undergo. It’s complicated.

Roth is saxophone playing aerospace engineer who falls for Tressa, an ER nurse, and the storyline centers on their sensuous, but bumpy romance. The secondary characters have minor roles in this story, which places them in the category of background characters. Even Cyrus, the cheating fiancé, is dismissed rather easily.

In keeping with the title of the book, I will reveal that paper airplanes play a significant role in leading up to the HEA. You’ll get that when you read the story.  Speaking of the HEA, the Epilogue is bound to bring a smile to your face. Romance lovers will be delighted with the way the story ends with Roth and Tressa “soaring on love”.

I enjoyed Roth and Tressa’s story, and therefore, I recommend it to you. So, fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride with

1st January 2018 |