Review: Seduced in San Diego
Harlequin Kimani Romance

April 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Sasha Charles is a marketing consultant hired by Jordan Jace’s mother to clean up his bad-boy image. Although Sasha has a rule about never getting involved with her clients, she finds herself in quite a dilemma. She has worked with high profile clients before and has never been tempted to break that rule. Jordan proves to be irresistible. He has made it very clear that he feels the same way about her. The attraction is overwhelming, and they end up crossing that line.  Once they cross it, there is no going back. Fearing that she might lose everything she worked so hard to achieve if anyone finds out, she convinces Jordan to agree to a secret affair. Unfortunately, someone does know about their relationship and threatens to expose it to the public if they don’t agree to certain terms involving a break-in at Millionaire Moguls.

Jordan is a member of the San Diego chapter of the Millionaire Moguls. An acclaimed sculptor, who has come into his own without the help of his wealthy family. He presents a certain image to the world but deep down there is more to the talented artist than meets the eye. Sasha is a marketing consultant hired to improve Jordan’s image. Her intention is to get to know a little about each of her clients. Her ultimate goal is to pull back the many layers to see the real person inside and show their best image to the world.

In this story, Jordan and Sasha dance around each other for a while before they finally come together. Sasha tries really hard to stick with her strict rules regarding clients and romance. But the heart always wins that particular war.  Their minds had more going on long before their bodies connected. Jordan is not a fan of monogamy but there’s something about Sasha that he can’t seem to let go of. From the first moment he spotted her across the room at his gallery he was captivated and didn’t even realize it. The more time they spend together the deeper they fall in love. Their desire for each is off the charts which was their final undoing. Opposites do attract. With a little mystery and intrigue and a lot of passion thrown in
, Ms. Ryan did a great job binding these two minds together.  San Diego is certainly heating up.

SEDUCED IN SAN DIEGO is an easy but fascinating read and another great entry into the San Diego Millionaire Moguls. I love this series. I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

15th May 2018 |