Review: Room Service
ROOM SERVICE - Rochelle Alers
Kensington Books/Dafina

August 2018
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Hannah DuPont-Lowell, Tonya Martin, Jasmine Washington, and Nydia Santiago share a common bond. They were dismissed from their positions at Wakefield Hamilton Bank in New York on the same day. Little did these ladies know that the bond established on that day would forge forever friendships between these four women of different backgrounds. The Innkeepers Series by the prolific Rochelle Alers is a tribute to women (of a certain age) who are given second chances at careers and love. THE INHERITANCE is Hannah’s story, BREAKFAST IN BED is Tonya’s story, and ROOM SERVICE is Jasmine’s story. New Orleans is the main setting, so Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Jasmine Washington is at a point in her life where she needs to make some serious choices as to the path she will select for her future. It’s not a bad place to be, especially since there’s a man involved. That man happens to be well-connected, New Orleans’ native, Cameron Singleton, Hannah’s investment banker. At Hannah’s wedding reception, Jasmine caught his eye. They meet again in New York where Jasmine lives, and it is the beginning of a friendship and courtship that is sure to satisfy a romance lover’s heart. It’s significant to note that Jasmine is in her 40’s, and previously married to a man who was not very nice. I’ll just leave that right there for you to discover its significance. Cameron is a bachelor with no marriage experience. Of course, Jasmine and Cameron’s relationship has its ups and downs and surprises. Both of them have invaluable life experiences which influence their present relationships and career situations. Author, Rochelle Alers, brilliantly presents a story that can resonate with women everywhere who find themselves at the second chance crossroads of career and love.

It was a treat to revisit Hannah, who provided the incentive for Jasmine to consider relocating to New Orleans. Their mutual friend Tonya, who has made the transition from the Big Apple to Nawlins, is getting married. The outspoken Nydia is next, and I can’t wait to read her story.
ROOM SERVICE and the previous stories in this series are engaging additions to the women’s literature genre.

In true Rochelle Alers’ fashion, the reader experiences the sights, sounds and culinary delights that New Orleans is known for through the protagonists. It’s one of the strengths of the novel. Furthermore, in this story, another New Orleans district is highlighted. The CBD or Central Business District is where Cameron makes his home.

I recommend that you read this series in the order it is written, so that you can fully comprehend how the relationships between the women protagonists developed. I enjoyed
ROOM SERVICE, and I recommend it.

19th July 2018 |