Review:  Return To Me
RETURN TO ME - Jacquelin Thomas
Harlequin Kimani Romance

May 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: C
REVIEW: Jacquelin Thomas returns to Charleston, South Carolina, to deliver RETURN TO ME the third entry in The Dugrandpres Of Charleston series, about a wealthy and influential legal dynasty.

Austin DuGrandpre, as the eldest child of Etienne DuGrandpre, is a product of his first marriage with ex-wife Irene. He was introduced in the second installment as the half-brother who suddenly takes an interest in connecting with the father he barely knew. His parent’s marriage ended badly and his mother purposely alienated him from his Charleston family. Despite her efforts, Austin embraces his new family and is welcomed into the family business.  Ironically, soon after, Austin learns he has a son from his first marriage that was given up for adoption without his knowledge. He vows not to let history repeat itself and promises to locate his son and establish a relationship with him.

Sabrina “Bree” Collins is a psychologist and close friend of Jordin DuGrandpre Holbrooke, Austin’s half-sister. She is a widow and the mother of a son she adopted after learning she couldn’t bear children. Her main focus is maintaining her practice and creating a loving home for her son, Emery.  Since her husband’s tragic death, no man has captured her attention like Austin DuGrandpre. They have been eyeballing each other from a distance since Jordin’s wedding and dancing around this mutual attraction.

Austin learns the baby his ex-wife gave up for adoption is being raised by Bree.  In an effort to keep his vow, he devises a scheme to woo Bree and ultimately take her child. Best laid plans often go awry as Austin’s plan doesn’t include falling in love with Bree.

I couldn’t help but dislike Austin for his plan to take Bree’s child and I don’t think he ever redeemed himself with me. Bree is kind and loving seeking only the best in others. In addition to our main characters, Austin’s mother, Irene; his sister Jordin; father, Etienne; and Bree’s son, Emery, play key roles.

I liked this unique storyline. I’ve liked all the storylines in this series, however, as I have expressed in previous reviews of
The Dugrandpres Of Charleston, the delivery of the storyline is problematic. And like the others this one contains some problems.  The writing flowed well at the beginning, but about a third of the way in, the tone changed and became dry and emotionless and I found myself skipping ahead. This third installment is the best of the series, so if this practice continues, this series can only improve. Thomas’ unique storylines deserve better delivery.

10th June 2018 |