Review: Ready For Love
Garden Avenue Press

September 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Readers have looked forward to this story that features Denise Mitchell and Drew “I Make ‘Em Holla” Smith. This couple was introduced to each other by their mutual friends, Charmaine, Denise’s client and Malcolm, Drew’s teammate on their pro basketball team, in the first of the All Or Nothing book series, LOVE REKINDLED. READY FOR LOVE is Denise and Drew’s story, and it does not disappoint. Drew and Denise are a hot couple who go from sizzling bed mates to a loving relationship. It’s what happens in between those two points that is the heart and soul of their story.

To be sure, Drew and Denise have some obstacles to overcome. Although Drew is a NBA superstar, the storyline offers more than a sports themed narrative. The championship is on the line for him and his teammates, but it is not the focus.
READY FOR LOVE is a love story that highlights two talented and career driven people who happen to live over 1500 miles from each other. Denise lives in New York, and Drew resides in Houston. Furthermore, one of them is ready to settle down, and one is determined to take it slow and keep it “friends with benefits”. Houston, we have a problem. In addition to that, between a paternity suit, identity theft, stolen money, and a wedding to plan, Daddy Long Stroke and Sweet Cheeks (You’ll get that when you read the book) have a lot going on.

READY FOR LOVE is populated with a cast of side characters who help move the storyline along. Leading that list are Charmaine and Malcolm who are besties with hero and heroine of this story. However, the stand-out side character, who also happens to get the “boo-hiss” award, is Drew’s low-life homeboy, Isaac. I’ll let you discover why Isaac is so worthy of that title.

I enjoyed reading
READY FOR LOVE. The storyline is straightforward and easy to follow, and it’s a first-rate compliment to its predecessor, LOVE REKINDLED. I recommend Drew and Denise’s story for your reading pleasure.

25th September 2018 |