Review: Princess of Zamibia
Garden Avenue Press

March 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer  | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Lovers torn apart by misunderstandings and deceit finally reunite but a more sinister plot threatens their second chance at love.

Dramatic events in Dahlia Sommers’ life transforms her from a single woman and business owner, into a single mother, working and caring for a son. Three years ago, she fell in love with African Prince, Kofi Karunzika, while working on a project. The duplicitous actions of her business partner forced a dissolution of her company and an end to her budding relationship with Kofi. Prince Kofi of Zamibia is unable to forgive Dahlia for her deceit but he cannot forget her either. He tracks her down only to discover they have a son. All his hurt and outrage resurfaces. Dahlia admits one attempt of informing Kofi of her pregnancy but found out he had moved on. Kofi remains undeterred in his mission that his son belongs in Zamibia. Leaving her life behind and relocating to a foreign country with a man who resents her is daunting.  However, with no other choice, Dahlia relocates to Zamibia with their son. Despite lingering doubts, Dahlia and Kofi eventually finds the rhythm that initially drew them together. This tenuous connection fissures when the royal family is attack from within the palace walls. Dahlia and Kofi must fully set aside their doubts and work together to save not only their son but also the entire bloodline of the Karunzika family.

PRINCESS OF ZAMIBIA is a very interesting story because of its unusual locale and the backdrop of intrigue lends for an engaging read. Dahlia’s character is captivating for a number of reasons.  She is a survivor who in so many ways remains optimistic despite several setbacks in life.  Further, Dahlia is not an opportunist because the birthright of her son is immediate financial security but she chooses to raise him in obscurity. At first, Kofi comes off very heavy-handed and demanding until we recall his background of nobility.

It is rather uncommon peering into the lives of African Royalty. Glimpses into this Zamibia culture certainly creates curiosity to keep reading and to learn more. Dahlia and Kofi’s exchanges are quite entertaining. He is a prince and unaccustomed to being challenged. Dahlia is a good fit for Kofi because she is not star-struck and comfortably expresses her viewpoint even at his displeasure. Despite being characters on a page in a made-up land the plot and development feels was very authentic.

The title
Princess of Zamibia plays out in the story when Dahlia transforms from a woman her son looks up to, into a woman looked up to by a whole nation.

1st May 2018 |