Review: Pleasured by You
Kensington Dafina/Romance

December 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Bryson Wells, the youngest son of Parker Wells, Sr. will reluctantly return to Wellspring, Michigan and come face to face with his father, Senior, who is suffering from a massive heart attack and clinging to life. From the two previous books in this series, we know that Senior was “hell-on-wheels” in the way he treated his children. None of them likes him, and according to Bryson, because of Senior his life in Wellspring “had been a nightmare”. Leaving his sister, Brooklyn, and his brother, Parker, Jr. were his only regrets when he walked out of his father’s house for the last time to attend the college of his choice. Although Bryson succeeded in life without Senior’s help, he is still haunted by Senior’s cruelty. As he waits on his brother to arrive at the hotel where they are to meet, he sees a woman from his past. Enter Jordan Clark, the only real friend (besides his siblings) that Bryson had growing up in Wellspring. Coincidence or fate? I’ll let you decide.

Jordan is just as surprised to see Bryson as he is to see her. The years have been kind to them both, and their reunion is sweet. We learn that Jordan’s life hasn’t been a fairytale, and she also has some issues with her past. Nevertheless, before the night is over, Jordan and Bryson will reconnect and spend a sensuous night and morning together making love. When they leave each other, they think that’s it. However, life places them on the same road, and that road leads to Wellspring, Michigan. It is at this point that the story takes off.

Author Elle Wright does an excellent job with
PLEASURED BY YOU as she takes the reader from one startling plot point to another. Bryson and Jordan take front and center as their lives take root in Wellspring. Jordan stays to help care for her aging grandparents and their business. Bryson finally comes to grips with seeing the incapacitated Senior, and his other sister, Veronica, who did not grow up with him, Parker and Brooklyn under Senior’s dictatorial rule. There is also another reason that Bryson and Jordan stay in Wellspring. I won’t spill the tea, but it’s a very significant event that is the story’s game changer. Also, there’s an engaging and cathartic scene that takes place at Senior’s house when Jordan and Bryson enter for the first time. It helps Bryson to cut ties to the past and at the same time, to create a link to the future; not to mention a hefty sum of money. You’ll get all of that when you read the story.

The side characters who populate the story contribute to the storyline. Of course, there is Brooklyn and Carter (
TOUCHED BY YOU), Parker Jr and Kennedi (ENTICED BY YOU), Bryson’s friend, Remy, Jordan’s grandparents and her girlfriends. As mentioned earlier, Veronica, the sister who did not grow up with the other Wells’ siblings has a more noticeable role in this story.

You will enjoy the Epilogue and the HEA. It marks a new day with a new generation of Wells coming into their own. I enjoyed this engaging and well-written story, and I recommend it

1st December 2018 |