Review: Playing With Seduction
Harlequin Kimani Romance

January 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer| RATING: A
Reece Ryan’s latest novel, Playing with Seduction is the must-read true to life depiction of the destructive and even more important, the restorative power of love.

Brianna Evans is top of her game in competitive beach volleyball but is already thinking of projects she can spearhead after retiring. Participating in a celebrity tournament at an exclusive resort is the perfect place for Brianna to pitch ideas.  There is just one problem. Brianna has to work with event promoter, Wesley Adams. Wesley runs a successful event planning company in London but is interested in expanding in the US market. Organizing this celebrity tournament with wealthy guests and famous athletes is the perfect opportunity for Wesley to showcase his talents and bring exposure to his company in the US market. A year before, Brianna and Wesley had an encounter that did not end well.  Brianna is against working with Wesley but given the potential benefits; they agree to set their differences aside. Try as they may to ignore their obvious attraction, they soon fall into a deep and a passionate tryst. Unfortunately, just as before, their tryst has no future as Brianna wants forever and Wesley will not even commit to right now.

Playing With Seduction is a fast paced and engaging novel with lifelike characters who immediately come alive from the onset of the novel. Brianna exudes assertiveness and strength and it is unimaginable she would be the victim of domestic violence.  Yet, Brianna’s inner circle knows of her vulnerability and soft heart.  In contrast, Wesley does not allow anyone to get close and instead shoulders his demons alone.  There is certainly enough pain in Wesley’s past to warrant his stance against getting involved. Sadly, this stance prevents him from having what could be a therapeutic and life-changing relationship. It is ironic that Brianna’s sordid brush with love has not ruined her ability to love while Wesley’s past passions crippled him from ever falling in love.

The story is set in North Carolina and the author wonderfully brings many locales to life.  Brianna and Wesley, out hiking and dining together, described in great detail, is the perfect backdrop throughout their developing relationship.  The distinct chemistry between Wesley and Brianna is tainted by past disappointment and resentment. However, this chemistry is strong enough to overcome all their feelings.

Playing With Seduction perfectly illustrates the game Wesley and Brianna play at trying to deny their true feelings.  In the end, their feelings are enduring.

1st January 2018 |