Review: Path To Passion
Harlequin Kimani Romance

August 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Leslie Whitfield | RATING: A
REVIEW: Miguel Astacio and Tanya Carrington meet for the first time in college when she stops by her brother’s room. Miguel is Tanya’s brother Josh best friend. Miguel and Tanya become close friends, but as a result of a promise Miguel made to Josh he never reveals his true feelings to her. Tanya is devasted when she tells Josh she loves him, and he does not reciprocate. It’s ten years later and Miguel is a wealthy marketing expert working at his family business and Tanya needs his help with her night club. Tanya’s insecurities relate to past weight issues and a failed marriage aid her in trying to keep emotionally distant from Miguel.

The uncertainty, nervous and sexual energy experienced by Miguel and Tanya after not seeing each other for so long is clearly seen and is felt seamlessly throughout
PATH TO PASSION. Miguel’s receptionist is a colorful character introduced in the beginning and makes you smile. The over protectiveness of a big brother comes through naturally and is not over the top. The relationship between Tanya and her best friend feels authentic and their interactions are entertaining. The ancillary characters at the restaurant and night club are believable and add to the hint of mystery.

Miguel showing up at the restaurant and interacting with the waitress is necessary and sheds light on the fact that the restaurant which Tanya actually manages is making a profit, while the night club which she does not manage is not profiting.  Jet setting to N.Y. and Miami to visit hot night clubs fits perfectly within PATH TO PASSION, since Tanya and Miguel are trying to revive her nightclub.

I loved reading
PATH TO PASSION, because it held my attention from the beginning to the end. Not only did I want to find out how Miguel and Tanya would get together, I also wanted to find out what was going on at the night club and who was trying to sabotage it.

PATH TO PASSION is a very good quick read with realistic characters and plot. The story moves along as expected with the characters and places where they should be and at the right time. I recommend this book, because the story is engaging and kept me wanting to know what would happen next.

16th August 2018 |