Review: One Unforgettable Kiss
Harlequin Kimani Romance

April 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW: A.C. Arthur’s second installment in The Taylors of Temptation series returns to Temptation, Virginia, and resumes the unique storyline about the town’s infamous sextuplets. This time we encounter navy pilot, Garrek Taylor, the second oldest sextuplet. Like brother Grayson from, ONE MISTLETOE WISH, Garrek only returns to Temptation to claim his inheritance from their father’s estate.  His plan is to swoop in and out, but fate has other plans.

Garrek is innocently drinking at a bar when an unintentional hand movement, secures him the winning bid of a silly auction where the prize is a date with the town’s tomboy, Harper Lane Presley. Garrek is very reluctant to follow through with the auction payment, but something about this bewildered, natural beauty intrigues him. Like the gentleman he was raised to be, Garrek rescues Harper from her predicament and ensures she is safely on her way home.

Garrek and Harper are complex characters with more in common than either realizes. Both are running from demons and have introvert personality traits. Garrek is one sixth of the famous sextuplets whose birth skyrocketed Temptation to fame and yielded a TV reality show featuring them. After their father’s extramarital affair, their mother pulled the plug on the show and whisked the kids off to Florida to live in quiet obscurity. Garrek is waging a furious internal battle involving his allegiance to his mother’s memory, his respect for his father, the estrangement of his siblings and a potentially career ending mistake.  Harper’s aloof nature is misunderstood by Temptation’s nosey townspeople. She loves her family ferociously and is content with growing her construction business and steering clear of meddlesome people. There is no room in her life plan for love so the immediate mutual attraction between her and Garrek is senseless.  Old wounds cloud her ability to envision any type of relationship with him or any other man.

Supporting characters include Garrek’s brother, Gray, and his growing family; Harper’s father and grandfather and her cousin. I really enjoyed Garrek and Harper’s journey to realization. They are frustrating and endearing at the same time. With plans to briefly visit Temptation on business, Garrek is totally unprepared for the damsel in distress that he “rescues”. Four more Taylor siblings remain so that means more stories are coming, as well as, more of the backstory on family’s mysterious past.

20th May 2018 |