Review: One Perfect Moment
Harlequin Kimani Romance

August 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  A.C. Arthur’s third installment in The Taylors of Temptation series returns to Temptation, Virginia and resumes the unique storyline about the town’s infamous sextuplets. This time we meet obstetrician and researcher, Gage Taylor, the third oldest sextuplet.

Like his brothers who returned to Temptation before him, Gage is on a mission.  He seeks refuge in his hometown to escape the unwelcomed publicity his role as consultant on a dramatic television series thrust upon him.  After recently being passed over for a promotion, he needs to sulk and regroup. Combined with his mistrust of the opposite sex, abhorrence of long-term relationships and his father’s indiscretion and Gage is a man in serious turmoil.

Ava Cannon is an aspiring television producer and writer. She created Doctor’s Orders, a very popular medical drama that is currently the network’s number one show. While the fire is still hot, she plans to pitch another idea to the network executives for her next production involving African American law students.

Ava hired Gage as a consultant to add authenticity to her medical drama.  During the show’s production, these “relationship dodgers” danced around a mutual attraction. When filming concluded, it was on and poppin’!  They mutually agree their brief tryst is “one and done” and they go their separate ways only to coincidently arrive in Temptation, Virginia days apart with different mandates.  The network tables Ava’s new production idea about law students in lieu of a plan to resurrect the television show that starred the sextuplets and destroyed the Taylor family. After researching the family’s history and befriending the Taylors while in Temptation, Ava is questioning the ethics of this new production while the network makes it clear that her future is in jeopardy if she doesn’t deliver.

ONE PERFECT MOMENT, A.C. Arthur masterfully weaves an emotional tale of two empty people who lack strong family ties and use their careers to fill the void.  Ava is ruled by an overbearing mother who, because of her insecurities, constantly attempts to interfere in her life. She plans to preserve her autonomy at all costs. Gage, like his brothers, harbors resentment for his father and parlays this into mistrust of others he feels will only lie to him and leave him.  The relationship drama between this couple is maddening and euphoric.  Stay tuned for the female sextuplets their stories are guaranteed to be just as compelling as their brothers

7th October 2018 |