Review: One Christmas Song
Artistry Publishing

December 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Janet Caldwell  RATING: A
REVIEW: Arthur deviates from the norm in her new Temptation novella by focusing on friends of the Taylors and not the infamous sextuplets. After performing a solo at Monica and Alex Bennet’s wedding (THE WINTER WEDDING), national R&B recording artist, Cordelia “CeCe” Lennox heads to her hometown of Temptation, Virginia, for the holidays and to tape a music video. Cordelia or “Cordy” as she is known by friends and family returns home after a 14-year absence. The trip is bittersweet because it’s her first visit home since her mother died six months ago.

Cordy left Temptation for stardom leaving behind a mediocre existence, her close friend and neighbor Rick Stewart and her mother. Rick now owns the Holidays Inn which coincidently is the location for the video shoot. In addition to this quaint inn, over the years he has acquired an impressive portfolio of real estate properties. Despite the 14-year separation, Cordy and Rick experience a strong mutual connection and after some resistance realize they miss the close friendship of their youth.

ONE CHRISTMAS SONG is a tender story of two people who allow their careers to fill the void left by loneliness. Stubbornness and a misguided sense of allegiance robbed them of years of happiness. A little ethereal coaxing helps put them on the right track. The story is set entirely in the whimsical town of Temptation “where news travels faster than the speed of light”. In addition to our leading characters, others impacting the story include the wise cook, Jasper; Cordy’s uptight personal assistant, Elsa; the Inn’s front desk clerk, Meg; the town’s jack of all trades, Mr. Otis; and the town’s ever-present busybody, Ms. Millie.

Arthur’s hiatus from the Taylor sextuplets storyline introduces two new family friends and drops a hint for the plot of a future installment. This story kept me engaged from beginning to end and serves as a nice segue to the next novel in this series. This is a standalone story, but because
The Temptation Series is such a unique treat, I encourage you read the previous three installments to learn more about the ever-growing Taylor family.

29th January 2019 |