Review: On Pointe
ON POINTE - Shelly Ellis
Shelly Ellis

January 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Wayne Jordan | RATING: A
Shelley Ellis is best-known for her Women’s Fiction; especially, her Chesterton Series published by Kensington Dafina. However, as L.S. Childers, she wrote several books of romantic fiction. With ON POINTE, Ellis returns to romance with a series, The MacLaine Girls, set in the world of the Performing Arts.  A teacher of theater, I found the first book in the series to be a well-written story featuring an appealing hero and heroine.
Bina MacLaine teaches at
The MacLaine Academy of Performing Arts, the school her mother, Yvonne MacLaine, founded and owns. Unfortunately, the school is not making money and Bina knows it has to be closed. Her mother, however, refuses to do so. Instead, she hires Maurice Hewett, former dance student. Maurice has always been attracted to Bina, despite their age difference (he’s in his early twenties; she’s in her early thirties). Cocky and confident, Maurice flirts with her, but despite her attraction to him, she initially rejects his attraction, concerned about their age difference. However, her resistance wavers and she eventually give into her desire for him.
ON POINTE examines the relationship between a young man and an older woman.  It suggests that age doesn’t matter as long as the couple loves each other. It’s secondary plot, which will spread across the three stories, examines the struggle many performing arts schools have to remain open and the need for continued support of the Arts.
I found the relationship between the hero and heroine to be believe and endearing. I enjoyed watching the them as they moved from uncertainty, to caution and then throw caution to the wind and give into their desire for each other. I rooted for Maurice to get his girl!  It is Ellis’s incredible characterization that makes these individuals so appealing.  Another strong character is Bina’s mother. I could not help but feel her pain. Yvonne is a strong woman, but we see her at a point on her life when she realizes that, in times of need, family is important.
ON POINTE is very much about family.
The end of this story introduces the second MacLaine girl when she arrived in grand fashion. I can’t wait to read her story,
HER NEW GROOVEON POINTE is an excellent beginning to a promising series.     
25th January 2018 |