Review: My Future With You
MY FUTURE WITH YOU - Carla Buchanan
Oddly Novel

May 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Angela Anderson| RATING: B+
REVIEW:  MY FUTURE WITH YOU is the first book in the Fostering Love series. Carla Buchanan writes an amazing Contemporary Romance, introducing the families and characters of this series. A heartfelt story of two individuals with different backgrounds and life experiences are faced with life-changing encounters that affect their lives forever.

This book is a fast-paced play by play of Walker Black and Iesha Bell’s story. The storyline between the two families, their struggles, ups and downs move quickly. It’s easy to follow, creating a consistent flow that makes a fulfilling read.

Walker is living his life on the path to taking over the family business, Black Label Publishing. He is a sure thing to take over the company by his 40th birthday. Taken by surprise at the height of his career, Walker is hit with news he does not see coming. A major overlooked clause in his contract has surfaced at the most inopportune time. He must father a child, (an heir) to maintain the inheritance of Black Label Publishing.

Iesha a smart, beautiful, independent woman, has compassion and great love for her center, A Girl’s Grace. She takes pride in assisting girls and women, with their basic needs and to better themselves. It takes money to run a successful center, and her well is drying up. She must find donations fast to keep up with the growing needs while keeping the financial troubles from her sisters.

Both Walker and Iesha find themselves in a world wind of unexpected truths and make desperate decisions that change their lives forever. The sense of love and family is evident in the lives of Walker, Iesha, and their siblings. I would have liked to have seen more of a relationship formed with Mrs. Black, Walker’s mom, and Iesha. I enjoy Zaria, Walker’s younger sister. Her character is fun and full of humorous wisdom. I also enjoy how Carla Buchanan share and explore the lives of Iesha’s siblings with details of their interesting but not overpowering backstories. The realness and relatability of the characters make the story a great read.

I did not particularly care for the back and forth after Walker confesses his love for Iesha, speaking louder than words with his actions. The constant battle with her inner self-began to get old, appearing immature. However, it is still an enjoyable read.

MY FUTURE WITH YOU is a very good read captivating you to turn the page to see what is happening next. Buchanan is intentional with expressing her written words making an arousing and interesting story. She nails introducing readers to the Fostering Love series. I look forward to continuing reading this series as well as other books by Carla Buchanan

22nd June 2018 |