Review: Mostly Sunny
Kensington Dafina/Romance

September 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW: A traumatic past often spells a troubled future, but determination can create infinite possibilities as illustrated in Jamie Pope’s spellbinding new novel, MOSTLY SUNNY. The story opens with Social worker, Sunshine Gibson and her unwavering mission to rescue children in high-risk living conditions. Sunny knows too well, what happens to children with incompetent caregivers.  Her most recent case hits close to home and Sunny is hell-bent on seeing her young client never returns to her former unsafe environment. Enlisting the help of top attorney Julian King, Sunny sets out to find a solution. Julian King is fearless in court but this case with Sunny touches on nerves he would rather leave unexposed. By agreeing to help Sunny, Julian is opening doors in his past he has long since locked away. However, Sunny’s conviction and raw vitality draws him in and he agrees to champion her cause. The mission to find happiness for a little girl turns into a journey during which Sunny confronts her deepest fear and Julian comes face to face with his deepest hurt. Despite these painful experiences, the shared journey propels them towards a connection and closeness; neither has imagines but desperately needs.

MOSTLY SUNNY opens with a starkly arresting scene and the story hold your interest from this point on. Sunshine is a lighthearted woman with a seemingly positive outlook on life. However, on closer contact, she has trust issues and is overly self-reliant. Despite their seemingly different background, as Julian is successful and wealthy, they both share a problem forming emotional connections. This very connection later becomes the thread woven with each encounter into a life changing and unbreakable bond.

Sunny and Julian’s encounters are very entertaining as she capably matches wits with this professionally trained orator. Pope does a wonderful job of keeping to the novel a primarily contemporary romance even as Sunny and Julian tackle serious issues.

MOSTLY SUNNY will touch readers for many reasons. The characters are realistic and very likeable; the story is relevant and relatable. While we expect a romance to eventually blossom between Sunny and Julian, many surprises along the way, captivate and create an unforgettable novel. The final chapter answers some questions opens the door to a revisit with Sunny and Julian.  Can’t wait!

18th October 2018 |