Review: Love's Sweet Melody
LOVE'S SWEET MELODY - Kianna Alexander
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May 2018
Historical Romance
REVIEWER:  Barbara Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  LOVE’S SWEET MELODY is set in the Post-World War II era; specifically, 1946. We meet the heroine, Elizabeth “Betty” Daniels and the hero, Warner Hughes, who reside in Fox Den, Virginia. Warner is a WWII veteran who is skilled as a mechanic and has his own shop. Betty, an accomplished pianist, is employed at the Cashwell Hotel where she entertains the lunch crowd with her prowess at the piano. Fox Den is a typical Southern town where Whites live on one side and Blacks on the other. Segregation is the order of the day.

Author Kianna Alexander creates a vivid picture of this period in history, and more importantly, the lifestyle of Blacks in a small Southern town after the war. However, the author takes this view to another level as she focuses on the life of a Veteran during that time who has what we know today as PTSD. This is a bittersweet story that chronicles the isolation and misunderstanding of a soldier trying to deal with the horrific experiences of the battlefield. In this case, Warner is trying to cope with CSR (Combat Stress Reaction) as it was called then. Betty and her soothing music play a paramount role in helping Warner to cope with his condition. Warner, an honorable man, becomes her biggest fan, and one thing leads to another as Betty becomes his light to banish the darkness. Yes, you’ll get that when you read the story.

The minor characters, from friends to family members are instrumental in moving the story along. For example, Dr. Daniels is a key character who helps not only the suffering ex-soldier, but also the woman who loves him.

Kianna Alexander is to be commended for bringing such a critical and timely subject to the written page, and she does it through a beautifully written romantic story arc. I’ve read stories that depict African-American soldiers coming home from World War II, who were faced with the same segregation practices and Jim Crow laws that were still deeply enveloped in American society. However,
LOVE’S SWEET MELODY is an unforgettable romantic story that looks with the heart at post-combat stress.

1st June 2018 |