Review: Love Rekindled
Garden Avenue Press

September 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: In LOVE REKINDLED author, Nyora René, explores the love relationship dynamic of a couple who separates to pursue their individual dream. When the story opens, the hero and heroine are college students who are very much in love and have dreams of becoming successful in their individual fields. Malcolm James looks forward to pursuing his dream of playing professional basketball, and Charmaine Mouton sets her sights on becoming a professional singer. Their futures look promising, but not as a couple. Charmaine heads to New York while Malcolm is Houston bound. The author depicts a couple who is very much in love but cannot come to a compromise that can save their relationship.

After a five-year separation, fate brings Malcolm and Charmaine together when Charm (her stage name) is selected to sing the national anthem at an All-Star game where Malcolm is also playing. In the five years they have been apart, Malcolm’s career path is on point, but his life path has undertaken a drastic change. In that span of time, Charmaine has climbed the ladder of success to become a singing superstar. Yet, they both remained single. With the help from mutual friends, Malcolm and Charmaine test the waters of “rekindling” their love. That’s the heart and soul of this story as a more mature Malcolm and Charmaine navigate the unpredictable revitalization of their love. I liked how the author handled this dilemma.

The couple’s mutual friends compose the minor characters of this story. Jacob and Lena are college friends, Drew is Malcolm’s teammate, and Denise is Charmaine’s manager. I mention these characters specifically because we just might see them again with their own stories. The contemporary dialogue and witty banter between the characters enhanced the storyline. However, the side character award goes to Mama Layne, Malcolm’s mother who has a whole lot to say about Malcolm and Charmaine’s relationship. Her expanded role in this new and improved edition is a great addition to the storyline.

I enjoyed
LOVE REKINDLED. I recommend it to my fellow romance readers who are looking for a good love story that explores a couple’s second chance at love.

[Side note: I read and reviewed the first published version of this story. In this version, the storyline has a smoother flow, and less repetition.]

3rd September 2018 |