Review: Love In Catalina Cove
HQN Books

November 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Welcome to Catalina Cove, a small town located on the bayou of Louisiana. This is the setting that prolific author Brenda Jackson has chosen for this new series. The story features Vashti Alcindor and Sheriff Sawyer Grisham. Get ready for a contemporary romance story that captures the steamy, sultry southern small-town lifestyle, and has more twists and turns than a gigantic roller coaster.

As the story opens, Vashti is reluctantly returning to Catalina Cove after fourteen years, and she has very few positive memories of her hometown and its inhabitants. The time she spent at Shelby by the Sea Inn that was owned by her now deceased Aunt Shelby, and a few close friends are the only memories that she cherishes from her stay in Catalina Cove. No, her parents are not included in the precious memories, and I’ll let you discover the reason. Vashti has some critical life decisions to make about her future. Will she move back to Catalina Cove or stay in New York? Will she sell Shelby By The Sea or restore it to its former glory? To complicate matters, Vashti meets the eligible, handsome sheriff of Catalina Cove, Sawyer Grisham. You can count on Brenda Jackson to bring the heat in her stories, and the budding romance between Vashti and Sawyer does not disappoint. The chemistry between them resonates into steamy sexy encounters. However, personal issues complicate their relationship, and the storyline takes an unexpected turn. Hold on for a doozy of an ending.

Memorable side characters populate the story starting with the two people that Vashti acknowledges as her childhood friends while growing up in Catalina Cove, Bryce and Kaegan (K-Gee). Vashti‘ s parents, the Alcindors, will never receive the “Parents of the Year Award”. You’ll understand why when you read the story. Standout side characters go to Jade, Sawyer’s daughter, and Reid LeCroix, prominent citizen of Catalina Cove who has a very close connection to Vashti.

I enjoyed this story. It’s packed with a perfect mix of romance, promise, tension, and drama. Moreover, I look forward to reading more stories from Catalina Cove. In the meantime, I recommend
LOVE IN CATALINA COVE for your reading pleasure.

21st October 2018 |