Review: Let Me Show You
LET ME SHOW YOU - Alexandria House
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October 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: I have come to the conclusion that I love this series by Alexandria House because the stories make me laugh, make me wonder what her characters are going to do or say next, and they make me almost drool over these McClain men who are sexy, smooth, and cool. In LET ME SHOW YOU, the third McClain brother, Nolan is featured as “the smart and driven one”. He is attracted to and pursuing a young woman who is just as smart and driven who goes by the name of Bridgette Turner. (You’ll get that when you read the story.)
Nolan is a man of many talents. He excels in just about everything that he does, and he is well-connected to people in high places who owe him favors. One of Nolan’s most notable talents is that he is a fixer. Yes, he takes care of business quite well. In this story, Nolan takes charge and successfully directs a movie produced by McClain Films because the previous director violated Bridgette. No spoilers. It’s a very timely plot point that is taken from today’s headlines. It just so happens that Bridgette is acting in that same movie which gives them an opportunity to get closer. Bridgette is just as attracted to Nolan as he is to her, but she is not completely convinced that Nolan likes her. She has good reason to feel that way due to his preference in women. I’m going to leave that right there.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows him, and it comes up every time Nolan’s family or friends sees him and Bridgette together. You will fully understand what that implies when you read the book. Furthermore, Bridgette’s personal life is plagued by her past life where she grew up in Reola, Alabama and group homes. Her life “ain’t been no crystal stair”. (My apology to Langston Hughes.) While Bridgette and Nolan are relishing their newly formed relationship, plus the acclaim and notoriety from a successful movie role, Bridgette’s past becomes public via a Wendy Williams-like talk show. While all of this is going on, Nolan needs to fix a non-existent relationship with his twin brother Neil, fix Bridgette’s present problem with her past, and fix his propensity for certain women. Yeah, it’s a lot going on, but it all comes together quite well to deliver a first-rate story. Kudos to author Alexandria House.

There are numerous memorable scenes and characters that occur in this book. The discussion that Nolan and Bridgette have about their “dysfunctions” comes immediately to mind, and then there’s Uncle Lee Chester’s comments about the Jeep Spot”. It’s hilarious! On the other hand, Bridgette and the confrontation with her mother is another unforgettable scene that is deadly serious. The McClain Clan is present and accounted for. Big South and Jo from
LET ME LOVE YOU, Leland and Kim from LET ME HOLD YOU, Kat, the lone McClain sister, Neil, the genius of the family.and of course, the inimitable Uncle Lee Chester. I strongly urge you to get to know these characters for yourself. You will not be sorry.

Allow me to issue a disclaimer: There is a fair amount of profanity used in this book. However, it does not take away from the story. I highly recommend
LET ME SHOW YOU. It’s an entertaining, engaging contemporary love story.

18th October 2018 |