Review: Let Me Hold You
LET ME HOLD YOU - Alexandria House
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June 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Leland “Fastlane” McClain, baller, shot caller, baby boy of the McClain family is the perfect mix of sweetness, street, and sexy.  Leland is looking to hold the lovely Kim Hampton, a woman some nine years older and mother of Leland’s NBA rival. Author Alexandria House skillfully applies the ‘older woman-younger man’ trope in presenting a contemporary romance that will have you fanning with one hand and turning the pages with the other.

As a professional basketball player, Leland’s quest for that championship ring has him moving to St. Louis to become the latest member of the Cyclones Basketball organization. Kim Hampton happens to be the director of a youth center, King’s Dream, in St. Louis. She is searching for something too, but her reasons are more of a personal nature. The center happens to be funded by Kim’s son Armand Daniels, and he is not a happy camper when he discovers that his mother and Leland are romantically involved, and it’s not all about the age difference. Armand is the uninvited, yet constant third wheel in Leland and Kim’s relationship. I love it that LET ME HOLD YOU is so much more than hot guy meets hot woman. There is a serious undercurrent that runs through this story that gives the reader food for thought. I won’t reveal what it is because I want you to experience that ah-ha moment. It’s a riveting subject, and kudos to Alexandria House for her approach in addressing this matter. Curious? Good.

Of course, the McClain clan makes an appearance from Everett (Big South) of LET ME LOVE YOU, the twins, Aunt Ever to Uncle Lee “What-up-there-now” Chester. They always bring the dramatics and comic banter when they come together. Besides the McClains, Kim’s family members are an eclectic bunch. There’s her mother, her cousin and bestie, Zabrina, and of course, Armand. I can’t leave out “Lil Kim” whom Leland (and only Leland) talks to on a regular basis. You’ll get that when you read the story.  Those characters and others round out a great assemblage of side characters who help to move the storyline along. The HEA is on point and everything good you want to see happen for Leland and Kim.

On a personal note, I am thrilled to see that St. Louis is the setting for this story. Since I live in the Metro-St. Louis area, it’s a treat to identify with references made about “Da Lou”. The one reference that took me by total surprise (albeit a negative one) was my hometown, East St. Louis.

LET ME HOLD YOU is engaging, entertaining, off-the-chart sexy, and I totally recommend it. Get to know these McClain men, Everett (Big South) from LET ME LOVE YOU and Leland (Fastlane) LET ME HOLD YOU. They are both great reads.

25th June 2018 |