Review: Let Me Free You
LET ME FREE YOU - Alexandria House
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December 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Talented author, Alexandria House continues to entertain readers with totally engaging stories about the McClain brothers who are some of the sexiest, successful, good-looking brothers you will find in Romancelandia. It all began with Everett (Big South) of LET ME LOVE YOU, then Leland (NBA baller) of LET ME HOLD YOU, next Nolan (the smart one) of LET ME SHOW YOU, and now Neil (the troubled one) and Nolan’s twin. With family support, therapy and rehab, Neil emerges as a changed man who is ready to move forward, regain his life, and live the life of the Black King that he is. Ase’ . You’ll get that when you read his story. The McClain men are a close-knit group, and they have something in common when it comes to women. When they claim a woman, it’s for life.

Neil is just attaining some semblance of leading a normal life, when he is asked to come to the rescue of a woman in distress. The woman is Sage Moniba, a talented, Liberian born MUA who is about to become a victim of the present government’s immigration policy of deportation. She is also best friend to Jo, Everett’s wife and Bridgette, Nolan’s wife. In order for Sage to remain in this country, she must marry a man who is an American citizen, and that man is Neil. With the help of his therapist, Neil is all in. Sage is at first reluctant but comes to the realization that Neil is her only hope. Once that hurdle is cleared, it’s on for Sage and Neil. From the pre-wedding festivities to the honeymoon, Neil and Sage are hot for each other. Get your fans ready because things get steamy and sizzling when they come together. As far as Neil is concerned, they are husband and wife in every way, and he has found his queen. The storyline takes some intriguing twists and turns, especially when both exes show up. They wreck so much havoc that Neil has to call on Nolan, the fixer, to do what he does best.

First, I love this story about the McClain brother who’s known as a “screw-up” but turns his life around to become the “woke” brother that he was born to be. Neil McClain is a #blackking #poet #loverofreading&Sage. Second, I love this story because when the McClain Clan gathers for a family cook-out, you can be sure to find Uncle Lee Chester manning the grill. This time he’s not alone with just his Bluetooth to keep him company. Surprise, Surprise! What a great scene!  And I’m going to leave that right there.

Kudos to Alexandria House for entertaining us with another impressive read about a McClain sibling. There is profanity, but it is not overwhelming to the point that the story gets lost. Do yourself a favor and read the books of this series in order. In the meantime, I highly recommend
LET ME FREE YOU! You can thank me later.

21st December 2018 |