Review: Kindred Flames
Sable SiStars

February 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: A
REVIEW:  Book 3 of the Sable Inn Series, KINDRED FLAMES, is my favorite book of this series. Lena Sable, Marketing Director of the Sable Inn in Grayling, Michigan and Cam Nelson, food scientist turned organic farmer are the featured couple who can ignite a sensual flame just by looking at each other.  Lena and Cam are joined by a range of supporting characters who directly impact the storyline.

As in the previous Sable Inn stories, author D Camille creates a story that encompasses romance, culture, family and suspense. The romantic element is bound to bring a smile to the readers of this genre. Cam, the handsome Alpha, science-nerd, organic farmer is just the right man to light Lena’s fire that has been lying dormant. That Chicago trip is the signature start to their great romance, and it is LIT! And I’ll leave that right there. We learn so much about various aspects of African-American culture in a D Camille book. In this story, the science of food and how it affects the Black community takes center stage. There is a tense stand-off between Cam, self-appointed “deputies” of Grayling, and security officers from the Food and Drug Administration. Great scene! The Sable family and the Nelson family come together to form a tight unit. I loved the “Chocolate Country” scene. It indeed placed Cam in the number one position. You’ll get that when you read the book.

You can always count on D Camille to pen an entertaining, educational, and emotional story that engages you from the first to the last chapter. I love this series. Grayling, Michigan has become one of my favorite book settings, and the characters who inhabit it are unforgettable. Speaking of characters, was that a tiny spark that I sensed between Max (Cam’s brother) and book club member, Tiffany? Stay tuned folks, it looks like we will be paying another visit to that part of the country. By the way, a major character from The Black Land Series visits Cam, and he brings his checkbook. No spoilers here, but that’s one of the best features of a D Camille story. The reader gets to witness an interrelationship between the characters of the various series.

KINDRED FLAMES is a captivating story, and I recommend it. It can be read as a stand-alone, but you will be missing out if you don’t read KINDRED SOULS and KINDRED SPIRITS, the stories about Lena’s two sisters. The Sable Inn Series is an excellent series. Enjoy!

1st March 2018 |