Review: Indebted
INDEBTED - Sharon C. Cooper
Ameris Publishing

June 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: If you are looking for a great summer read that includes steamy romance, suspense and intrigue then INDEBTED is the book you are looking for. Author Sharon C. Cooper has written an engaging story that showcases another one of Atlanta’s finest, Detective Lazarus “Laz” Dimas. In Book #1 of this series, VINDICATED, Laz is introduced as the best friend of the hero, Hamilton Crosby. INDEBTED is Laz’s story and the woman who has his heart is Atlanta’s Assistant District Attorney, Journey Ramsey.

Laz and Journey are quite a couple. Laz is a bad boy, a dangerous and driven detective, sometimes operating with no boundaries or filters. I like this character because he owns up to his faults, even when his unconventional methods get him in trouble with the higher ups. At the opposite end of the spectrum, is Journey, who is a stickler for law and order, and fighting crime by the books. Yet, she is unequivocally attracted to Laz, and is tired of fighting it. Journey and Laz are quite a couple. Laz believes he should stay away from her, and Journey believes it also. However, the reality is that they can not resist each other. Get ready for some steamy love scenes. That’s just one aspect of their story.

INDEBTED becomes an engrossing page-turner, as Laz, Journey, the FBI, and the men of the Supreme Security Agency-Atlanta become involved in an intense and intriguing fight for power between an imprisoned mob boss and his second in command.

The side characters are well-developed and do their job to keep the storyline moving - from the good men of Supreme Security to the bad men of the mob.  One side character who really stands out is Attorney Gabriel Hall, Journey’s nemesis. Although Laz shows him no mercy, it’s Journey who catches him with his pants down. You’ll get that when you read the book. Great scene!

I enjoyed this story. Sharon C. Cooper has created an entertaining series that has me looking forward to the next story. In the meantime, I recommend

16th June 2018 |