Review: His Defiant Princess
Love Africa Press

December 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming  RATING: A
REVIEW:  Love travels across the globe in the form of Jake Pettersen. Having met the woman of his dream on social media, Jake travels across the sea to West Africa to meet Amira Saene face to face.  Amira is nervous to meet Jake since she hasn’t been totally honest with him. He has no idea that she is Princess Amira Saene of Bagumi. When they finally meet, both are shocked at the intensity of their attraction to each other and the love that develops during their year of communicating. However, her family is not happy about it and feels that Jake is beneath Amira and has nothing to offer her since they consider him to be a second-class foreigner. Therefore, Jake and Amira have to fight for their happiness. Will they be allowed to be together or will Amira be forced to marry a prince from a neighboring kingdom?

Amira is a princess from the kingdom of Bagumi. She is also an educated headstrong woman who defies the norm of her country by developing an online relationship with a man and therefore setting her future in motion. She would do anything for her country except marry a man she doesn’t love. Jake is a passionate, hard-working dentist from Vermont who travels thousands of miles to see a woman he has only met online. A move that demonstrates what a determined individual he is when he really wants something or someone.

HIS DEFIANT PRINCESS is a beautiful love story; The princess and the pauper.  I love this storyline. The hero and the heroine are worlds apart yet alike in many ways and willing to make sacrifices to be together. The author, Nana Prah, has created a kingdom where customs and traditions are strictly enforced yet there is the rare occasion when customs are derailed when true love is involved. Amira and Jake’s love for each other is intense, and it challenges anyone to try and keep them apart. The author has well-developed characterizations in this book.  All the characters in the story are strong men and women who establish their place in this book and the series. Their different personas make this a very interesting read. I especially like Queen Zulekha. She may only be the Queen of Bagumi, but make no mistake about it, she is not one to cross. Good writing!  

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the citizens of Bagumi, and I encourage others to get in on the front side of this attention-getting series. I haven’t read this author’s work before but after reading
HIS DEFIANT PRINCESS, I look forward to reading more stories about the Royal House of Saene 

9th January 2019 |