Review: Her Unexpected Valentine
Harlequin Kimani Romance

February 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeill | RATING: B+
REVIEW:  HER UNEXPECTED VALENTINE is the latest book in Sherelle Green’s Bare Sophistication series. The book centers around, Nicole LeBlanc who has just landed a coveted gig as lead makeup artist and hairstylist on a series of Valentine’s Day commercials being shot in Hollywood. Those who have read other books in the series have met Nicole before. Kendrick Burrstone is a Creative Arts director.

Both characters have a great sense of humor and the chemistry is evident right away. Kendrick and Nicole quickly discover that they are working together temporarily. Kendrick has a rule that he doesn’t date someone he works with so he is biding his time until Nicole’s assignment is over, or so he thinks. Despite his “rule”, Kendrick is drawn to Nicole. Several work related events give them the opportunity to get to know each other better. They have a lot in common, including past issues with relationships and their love for tattoos. I like how the author allows Kendrick and Nicole to be vulnerable. Even though things happen over a short period of time, the progression of Nicole and Kendrick’s feelings is realistic. They both reflect on how their upbringing impacts their relationships and their honesty and transparency with each other is refreshing. However, considering the transparency early on, I was surprised that there was a communication issue when the drama with an ex occurred.

The secondary characters make an impact throughout. Monty and Angelica are true friends who always look out for Kendrick. They are also hit by the “Valentine” bug as well. It is also good to get brief updates from the Bare Sophistication crew. They are very protective of Nicole, maybe a bit too protective, but they mean well. Everybody needs a “Gran” figure in their life. I love Nicole and Gran’s relationship.  I especially enjoy the brief but important interaction with Mr. and Mrs. Saunders. They know what true love is all about and see it in Nicole and Kendrick. They have everyone they encounter believing in love as well.  The Saunders’ scene is a good touch for a Valentine story.  There is a bit of drama that derails things. You will have to read to see what happens. A good book always has an unpredictable moment that I am pleasantly surprised by. I’ll just say that it’s a touching moment that brings the couple closer together.

HER UNEXPECTED VALENTINE is a free-flowing story that I recommend. It’s not necessary to read the other books in the series, but it would help to provide background to the rest of the crew.

10th April 2018 |