Review: Guarding His Heart
GUARDING HIS HEART - Synithia Williams
Harlequin Kimani Romance

July 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW: GUARDING HIS HEART is certain to be a sought after novel.  Written by Synithia Williams, the story portrays a couple with an enormous capacity to love but personal demons prohibit them from tossing their hearts in to the game of love.

Basketball star, Kevin Koucky should be basking in his team’s NBA championship and planning for next season.  Only, Kevin knows it most likely will be his last.  Facing this tough decision, Kevin choses to make an easier one, posing for a sports magazine.  Fashion photography Jasmin Hook is a pro at working with high profile people but something about Kevin’s self-assuredness yet respectful approach leaves her thinking about him long after the photo shoot.  As if, by faith, they cross paths again and Jasmin decides to throw caution to the wind and chase the promises in Kevin’s eyes.  Initially, their physical attraction pulls them together, but as a deeper, meaningful connection sprouts, this threatens their liaison.  However, much like a seed determined to bear fruit; love finds a way to flourish in the toughest of hearts.

GUARDING HIS HEART is a well-scripted novel inducing visual and emotional responses.  Williams does a fantastic great job developing an engaging and relatable plot with each colorful scene.  So much so that each time I could hardly wait to fired up my tablet and delve back into the story.

Kevin is certainly not your typical male character as he comes with a wife, baby-mama and multiple kids.  However, as you delve deeper into this character, all the preconceived criticisms dissipate.  Kevin is much more than a pro-athlete with several children from casual liaisons.  In fact, Kevin’s complicated background further humanizes his character.  Jasmin is another complicated and intricately drawn character with her tough exterior but surprisingly sensitive side.  Her capacity to love again despite her past heartbreak is comparably only by her earthy beauty and realness.

Kevin and Jasmin share some fiery and entertaining exchanges and they progress to more engrossing and several laughable moments.  The true grit of their connection shines through when they tackle touch issues, mainly each other’s fear of the unknown.

Guarding his Heart is the novel you do not want to put down, you cannot stop reading and yet you cannot wait to get to the end just to actualize what you know to be true… these two special people are perfect for each other.  Williams continues creating stories that capture and resonate long after their ending.  Every novel to date creates a new set of characters to fall in love with and to revisit on my e-shelf of must read-again novels.

10th June 2018 |