Review: French Quarter Kisses
Harlequin Kimani Romance

July 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW:  Roz Arnaud accidentally runs into Pierre LeBlanc, literally, at the gym where she works out. Her first impression of Pierre is that he is shallow and self-absorbed.  She introduces herself as a reporter and he blows her off as another female trying to get close to him. When Pierre sees Roz again he can’t believe the beautiful woman standing in front of him is the same person he met at the gym and that she really is a reporter. A romance ensues between them and they become very close. Pierre confides in Roz that his mother disappeared during the hurricane and her remains were never found like so many others. Wanting to give him closure, Roz does research and finds some disturbing things regarding Pierre’s mother. But Roz promises Pierre that the secret she uncovered will never be printed in the paper. The unthinkable happens and the secret becomes front page news.  Believing that Roz betrayed him for a juicy story he pushes her away.

Rosalyn is a senior writer for a small newspaper with her own byline. She has the freedom to choose her own topics to cover. Her writing is first-rate, and her stories are always straightforward. Her integrity as a writer makes her a very good journalist. Pierre is a successful chef and food network star. He returns home to New Orleans to open a new restaurant. He has achieved a great deal in the intervening years since a fifteen-year-old boy was forced to grow up overnight. Unfortunately, he still carries scars from his past. Pierre must deal with his past before he can embrace the future.

FRENCH QUARTER KISSES is a good book. The author did a good job with this storyline. It deals with several issues; disillusionment, abandonment, mistrust, forgiveness and of course love to name a few. It will take you back to a time in our history when the city of New Orleans was torn apart by one of the worst storms to ever hit Louisiana. It also gives you a glimpse into the city’s progress since that dark time. Roz and Pierre are survivors of Hurricane Katrina as told from different viewpoints. Pierre grew up in the Ninth Ward and Roz was raised in Eastover. But the beautiful society reporter and the handsome restaurant owner share a scorching attraction that gets hotter with each page. The other characters are interesting and liven up the story especially Ma. Ms. Day has done it again. She is always a good storyteller.

This was a very captivating story. I read it in one day. I would definitely recommend it to other readers.  I would love to see more of Pierre and his family.  Hopefully, Lisette will have a story in the future.

8th August 2018 |