Review: For Always
FOR ALWAYS - A. C. Arthur
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February 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: B+
REVIEW:  Arthur returns to partially satisfy the hunger of her Donovans series fan base with a new series featuring friends of the iconic family. In FOR ALWAYS (A Donovans Friends Novel), she revisits the Bennett family who were prominent supporting characters in the Donovan series.  The youngest Bennett, Gabriella and fitness mogul, Tyler West, heat up the pages of this interracial romance with a suspenseful subplot.

Gabriella is an interior decorator hired to stage Tyler’s family home, the Westwind Ranch & Resort, in preparation for sale.  Tyler and his brother, Jagger, are at odds over whether to sell the property they inherited after the murder of their parents.  Although Tyler is at odds with his brother over the future of their family home, he is immediately intrigued by the woman who has invaded his life with talk of redesigning and decorating.

isn’t the typical interracial couple romance that ignores the social issue of dating another race and ends with the HEA. This novel doesn’t shy away from the topic instead it faces it head on. Bitter rivalries, spurned ex-lovers and racial bigotry are prevalent as Gabriella and Tyler grapple with the undeniable attraction that fuels their bond.

Arthur delivers a suspenseful tale set in Hobbs Creek, Texas, Tyler’s hometown.  Gabriella is focused on successfully completing this assignment for her new employer and moving on to the next job.  Fans of Arthur’s work will recall that Gabriella is labeled as carefree and irresponsible much to the dismay of her family. Her desire to finally focus on a career is welcomed, but her career choice is questioned by some family members. The murder of Tyler’s parents drives this drama and impacts the lives of each main character which includes Tyler’s brother Jagger, his gold-digging fiancé Brooke, his parents’ friends, Dessie and Clyde, his ex-girlfriend, Hannah and her father Ted.

Fans of the Donovan series will appreciate the updates on Donovan family members woven into the novel. I was happy to “reunite” with Monica Lakefield “the ice queen” and Alex Bennett.  The shocking events in
FOR ALWAYS prove life changing for Monica and Alex and prompt the end to their long-term engagement with the announcement of a wedding date. Arthur reveals the next novel in the series is THE WINTER WEDDING with the tagline “Will the Ice Queen turn into Bridezilla?” I recommend this novel for Donovan fans and new ones who will adore the friends of the iconic family.

21st March 2018 |