Review: Exclusively Yours
EXCLUSIVELY YOURS - Nadine Gonzalvez
Harlequin Kimani Romance

March 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: A
REVIEW: When Leila Amis meets her new boss, Nicolas Adrian, the attraction is instantaneous on both sides. They try to fight it but one night of unbridled passion leads to an eight-week affair slated to end when Nick moves to New York.  At the end of the eight weeks, Nick changes the terms of their affair and asked Leila to move to New York with him. He is crushed when she turns him down and leaves with his heart broken. A year later, unable to forget Leila, Nick returns to Florida determined to get the woman he loves. Will this time be different or will he get his heart broken a second time?

Leila is an ambitious young woman still struggling to find herself.  Without the benefit of family support, she is struggling with the ups and downs of not only love but life itself.  But even in the face of uncertainty, she is not afraid to take a chance. Nick is an alpha male very confident in who he is and where he’s headed. A top Miami Realtor in the real estate industry who is known for getting his clients what they want and in a timely fashion. His confidence extends to every aspect of his life, except when it comes to love.

EXCLUSIVELY YOURS is a very enjoyable read. With Miami as a backdrop, the story delves into the problems faced by many couples today in the world of dating.  Nadine Gonzalez writes a very compelling story with very descriptive, multifaceted and flawed characters with deep-rooted problems.  Leila and Nick’s love explode between the pages as the story develops.  A very strong love that causes them both pleasure and pain.  The author’s writing reveals that even with the pain of separation true love will triumph. Leila and Nick are believable characters who rise above their fear and navigate through the blurred lines of their relationship and take a chance on a future together. The pacing in this story is just right.  Each page flows into the next with no lack. The dialogue is realistic in regard to the circumstances in the story. Overall good writing prevails.

I would definitely recommend
EXCLUSIVELY YOURS.  This is a good read from beginning to end.  In the near future I hope to see more Miami Dreams.  

1st April 2018 |