Review: Espresso Served With Love
Sharon Blount

November 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: What’s brewing in Java City? ESPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE is the debut novel by author, Sharon Blount, that successfully incorporates humor, second chance love, zany family antics, and a heart-warming love story that will keep you turning the pages. The play on words will capture the attention and heart of coffee lovers everywhere.

Mykal Collier, retired NBA baller and Avery Greenlace, coffee heiress, are so right for each other. When Mykal returns to fictional Java City, Avery is instantly added to his list of things to do. The challenge of winning Avery’s heart is the heart and soul of the book. Both Avery and Mykal have business goals they wish to accomplish that will benefit others. You will discover what those goals are when you read the story. While there are many amusing moments, a tragic accident occurred that sparked miscommunication caused them to be separated  for years. That proverbial “elephant in the room” must be addressed if they are going to have a future together.

There is a robust crew of eclectic characters that help to move the storyline along. Avery’s family members who unequivocally bring on the drama are quite a crew as you will discover. Top honor for the “Crazy Character” award goes to Chatty Kathy’s daughter, Samantha, who with one statement started something that she regretted. No spoilers! To be sure, the HEA is the best!

Whenever I think of this romantic comedy, I will always think of The Color Purple. You’ll get that when you read the book. I like this story, and I know you will too. Kudos to Sharon Blount on her debut novel.  I recommend
ESPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE for your reading pleasure.

8th November 2018 |