Review: Enticed By You
ENTICED BY YOU - Elle Wright
Kensington Dafina Romance

September 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The second installment of The Wellspring Series by Elle Wright continues with the story of Parker Wells, Jr. Like its predecessor, TOUCHED BY YOU, Parker’s story is well-written and engaging. Since Parker’s father, the unscrupulous Senior, has been in a coma, Parker, finds himself at the helm of the family business, Wellspring Water Corporation.

Just as Parker is coming to grips with his new position as Interim CEO of the family business and realizing the criminal past dealings of his incapacitated father, the heroine, Kennedi Robinson, literally collides with Parker as she returns to her hometown, Wellspring, for a much-needed vacation. I enjoyed this couple as they moved from the ‘getting to know you stage’ to the ‘I can’t live without you’ stage. The chemistry between them sizzles! However, it’s between those stages where Parker and Kennedi are faced with challenges stemming from Senior’s underhanded business practices. Trust becomes a major issue for Parker and Kennedi. In addition, the author, Elle Wright, masterfully adds elements of intrigue to the storyline that allows it to smoothly play out with unforgettable scenes. One such scene is the one where Parker delivers a moving soliloquy to his unconscious father in his hospital room. This scene, along with others, give
ENTICED BY YOU a lot of depth. Kudos to the author.

Along with unforgettable scenes, there are some equally unforgettable, well-developed characters who help to move the story along. Kennedi’s aunt, Angelia, is one such character. She represents the stability and loyalty that Kennedi needs. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Gary Townsend, Senior’s right-hand man who is determined to continue the corrupt practices perpetrated by him and Senior at Wellspring Water. Of course, Brooklyn, Parker’s sister, featured in the first book of this series,
TOUCHED BY YOU, is present and still feisty as ever with her husband Carter by her side.

I enjoyed
ENTICED BY YOU. The storyline is strong and compelling. You can read it as a stand alone, but I suggest that you read the first book of the series, TOUCHED BY YOU, for valuable background material. Enjoy!

1st August 2018 |