Review: Diamond
DIAMOND - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing

April 2018
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: A
REVIEW: Once again readers are treated to another entertaining and eye-opening novel by D Camille. DIAMOND, The Heirs features Diamond Black, daughter of Jordan and Sage Black and Xavier Jackson, son of Sean and Lilly Jackson, the Black Diamonds. Diamond and Xavier are the epitome of black love, and we are privileged to have a front row seat to witness their love journey. However, that’s only one aspect of this novel.

The heirs, Six and Skye (Ray “Son God” & Isabelle Parker), Diamond, Justice, and, Jade (Jordan & Sage Black), Xavier, Alex, and Lilac (Sean and Lily Jackson) are trained in their individual area of expertise that includes hand-to-hand combat, weapons, technology, and anatomy. They are thoroughly prepared to follow in their parents’ footsteps as defenders of the culture. As the story opens the heirs are preparing to take on their first mission. With Six as the leader and Xavier channeling his inner Benjamin Rucker, the group readies themselves to hit the road touring, going undercover as the entourage for the latest heart-throb rapper, X-Ception. While they are undercover, we learn that the heirs’ mission is as real as it is dangerous, and it depicts a side of the entertainment world that is disturbingly dark evoking flashbacks of the movie, Get Out. I won’t spill the tea; you must read the book for yourself. Just let me say that these young men and women are fierce, and they are the proverbial “chips off the old blocks” because they handle their business.

Now getting back to Xavier and Diamond who, throughout the whole ordeal, realize they are meant to be together. Those of you who follow the Diamonds are going to enjoy the scenes when they reveal their relationship to the parents; especially Jordan Black. Nevertheless, the Lioness and the Cheetah (You’ll get that when you read the book) are well on their way to their very own HEA.

There are numerous minor characters who populate the story and help to move the storyline along. Villains and bad guys abound, but they are no match for the heirs. One of the best features of a D Camille story is the appearance of characters from other books and series. Tara and Stephen from
TRANSITIONS, The Heirs Series Book 1, and Rameses and Tasha Whitlock from The Creators Series make an appearance representing the entertainment industry. Yet, I was left speechless when a certain Kyros Lewis from THE BULL, The Black Land Series makes an appearance as an U.S. Ambassador to an area in Africa that includes the village of the Parker family (Ray, Isabelle, Skye and Six). I’m going to leave that right here. You will see Kyros again in the next book, SKYE, The Heirs Book 3.

I so enjoyed this book. D Camille proves with each book that she publishes that she is a prolific and talented storyteller. I cannot stress enough that in order to grasp the nuances and connections of the works of D Camille, I suggest you read all the books. There is an interrelationship between the books that is priceless. In the meantime, I highly recommend this book,
DIAMOND, The Heirs - Book 2 for your reading pleasure.

14th April 2018 |