Review: Dane
DANE - A. C. Arthur
Artistry Publishing

July 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil | RATING: B+
REVIEW: DANE is the first book of the Donovan Dynasty series. Dane Donovan is spending some much needed time away in Paris and hopes to get to know some of his family members as well.  Zera Kennedy is on a mission and until that mission is complete, she feels she cannot return to her home in Kenya. The suspenseful tone of the book is set when Dane and Zera encounter each other in the first scene at the very place where they met four years prior. Ms. Arthur has written the beginning to have the reader thinking “what the heck is going on?” Just keep reading and find out. Whether you read the synopsis or not, the reader immediately knows there is history between these two. We can’t wait to peel back the layers to find out what it is. The majority of the book takes place in Paris, which is fitting as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities. These two can’t help but fall in Love. The description of other parts of France and Kenya later on in the book are beautifully described as well.

Despite how strong these two characters are, Ms. Arthur forces them to be vulnerable. She is definitely clever with her words. One thing I remember one of the characters saying is Love doesn’t care that you “don’t do anything beyond an affair”. The physical scenes are written in a way that goes along with the same suspenseful theme of the book.

DANE is socially conscious as well and highlights a serious issue related to kidnapping of African girls. This topic is not discussed enough and I appreciate this being a major topic. The African Proverbs that are included at the beginning of each part of the book set the tone. I also really enjoyed the scenes describing our rich African history.

Ms. Arthur stayed true to the suspenseful theme until the final pages. For those who have read books in the
Donovan series, there are plenty of updates and strong secondary characters. For those who aren’t familiar, there are a lot of characters to keep up with. I wish the Donovan family tree was placed at the beginning of the book. Overall, this is a strong start to the Donovan dynasty series and I will be looking out for the next one.

24th August 2018 |