Review: Couldn't Ask For More
DON'T ASK FOR MORE - Kianna Alexander
Sourcebook Casablanca

November 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Bryan James and Alexis Devers have known each other for years, sort of.  Bryan is close a friend of Alexis’s brother, Maxwell. Alexis never paid much attention to Bryan when she visited her brother at University. When Bryan sees Alexis again after so many years, he can’t believe she is the same girl. Their attraction is instant, and they soon realize they are in the same business. After much discussion, Alexis agrees to sign Bryan’s company as the manufacturer for her clothing line on one condition; he has to pretend to be her fiancé. Bryan readily agrees because he is attracted to Alexis. Their pretend engagement turns into the real thing much to their surprise and delight. They fall madly in love and decide to make it official.

Bryan is
a textile industry exec for his father’s company. Being the son of the company’s owner does not make it easier for Bryan. If anything, it makes it harder. His father is all about the bottom line.  Bryan can hold his own. He is a savvy businessman who knows the textile industry backward and forwards.  Alexis is a hard-working fashion designer who has dreamed of having her own line of clothing since she was fifteen years old. Her dream is about to come to fruition and her hard work will pay off.

COULDN’T ASK FOR MORE is an excellent read. Ms. Alexander really outdid herself. This book is well-written with great characters. Bryan and Alexis are very realistic and likable characters. Their personalities are multifaceted but easy to understand at the same time. The secondary characters offer an assortment of possibilities for more stories to come. I love the fact that each scene in this book is very descriptive right down to the smallest details. The pacing is good with each page flowing right into the next. The setting is great even though the “City of Oaks”, Raleigh, North Carolina is not a fashion capital by any means. But it has plenty of exciting things happening in this city that is rich in history.

I would definitely recommend this story to others. The author did a wonderful job. This is the second installment in
The Southern Gentlemen series. Stay tuned to the brothers of “Theta Delta Theta” to see what happens next. I especially look forward to seeing what story Ms. Alexander develops for Maxwell.

21st October 2018 |